President Martelly Needs an Army of Bloggers in his team, He is Getting hit Hard by the Internet Opposition...

In the media world, BAD news is THE NEWS... Good news is just a documentary... Haitian president Martelly is getting hit very hard on the Internet, especially in the social networks, by people who disguise themselves as legitimate news sources yet everything they print is propaganda... Martelly and his team need a blogging army of their own...

President Michel Martelly s'adressant a la population de Jalouzi

Am I the only one who notices that the negative press about Martelly is just overwhelming?

So who is doing damage control on his side?


Let me tell you something...

There is a Haitian superstar friend of mine who always says to me: "Qu'on parle de moi en bien ou en mal, peu importe. L'essentiel, c'est qu'on parle de moi !"

This may be true for managing your super-stardom but in politics I think it is different. Especially in Haiti where people accuse you without any shred of evidence and the bad title sticks.

I scan social networks sites like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis and I can attest to you that there are more negative propaganda going around about Martelly and his administration than real news, I dare not say good news, about what his administration is doing.

Here is one example:

There is this one guy on Facebook... He posts so much negative crap about Martelly that I had to take him off my friends list. And to think, since I had my Facebook account I have never 'unfriended' anyone before, I didn't even know how BUT the negativity was just too much!

Here is another example:

There is this one web site that looks so much like a legitimate news source... LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING... They are constantly posting negative news about the Martelly administration. I found out that the web site in question is managed in part by someone who is just PISSED because Martelly did not want to hire him for a big lump sum of money.

The sad part is that Haitians are sharing this negative news on the social networks, other Haitian web sites are pasting the news, and it is spreading like a virus...

President Martelly and his team need an army of bloggers to provide the antidote... otherwise I would hate to see the Internet and social media contribute to the downfall of another Haitian president.

I receive a lot of press notes from 'La Presidence' and I notice that all the staff writers at the National Palace keeps speaking French... "Son Excellence... Le President de la Republique" and they ARE NOT or CANNOT do what bloggers can do.

They are doing a good job alerting the media BUT... Who is spreading the good news?

Martelly's campaign team really IMPRESSED me... I've never been WOW'ed before in a Haitian presidential campaign... but they did...

Now... President Martelly needs a team bloggers to IMPRESS the people who are thirsty for news on the social networks... for his sake.

Bad news spread itself online and offline... Good news? You have hire professionals to spread it... It's unfortunate but it's the truth...

I am saying all of this because, honestly, I don't want the guy to fail... He represents something that is TOO BIG and failure is not an option.

Did anything I say make sense to you?

Do you agree or disagree?

Do you think Martelly's team is doing a good job spreading good news about the presidency?

Do you think this is important? or not?

Reply with your comments

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Nap Kite Sa says...

I second what Eric D. said and on top of it all if Haiti loses Martelly, Haiti will lose the chance to rise up from it's ashes.

Martelly is the pivotal point in Haiti's modern history.

People, People who truly understand what is at stake, PLEASE support Martelly.

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Luko Devine says...

i think you are a good person

like him i'm play music love

good positive staff for him us and haiti please keep up the good

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Eric D says...

Most of these so called critics have an Ax to grind.

Martelly is the best president Haiti has had in quite a while.

His administration has accomplished more in two years than most Haiti governments have down in a lifetime.

Haitians better wake up to reality and skip the

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Carlo Paul says...

I am a blogger here in Florida, perhaps I can

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Ray says...

You read my mind, sir.
Very well

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