President Martelly: Haiti is divided, it has many problems and they are complicated

"Haiti is divided, it has many problems and these problems are complicated," President Michel Martelly said in a video message he delivered to the Nation after the two month long political consultations...

Haiti President Michel Martelly during a speech

According to President Martelly, Haiti is divided into 5 camps, each camp wants something different... He is therefore setting up a commission to help him decide which path to follow...

The first group want Premier Minister Laurent Lamothe and some ministers in the government out of the picture as the means to unblock the political crisis...

The second group wants president Martelly to assume his responsibilities as stated in article 136 in the constitution come the second Monday of January 2015...

Group 3 wants a new Haiti Electoral Council...

Group 4 suggests the set up of a constitutional assembly to help solve Haiti's constitutional problems once and for all because they think that the current constitution created too much division and requires a change after nearly 30 years.

The fifth group ask that the parliamentary mandate be extended or set up a Council that government should consult other than Parliament when it wants to take major decisions...

President Martelly finished saying: "Wow ... The country is divided, with a multitude of problems and these problems are complicated"

Do you agree with President Martelly that the country divided?

Out of the 5 requests, which of them do you think is best for Haiti?

What would you do if you were the president Martelly place?

Watch the video and Reply with your comments

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Topsecret Jahlove says...

I think the group 4 is the

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