President Jovenel in Taiwan for a little chit-chat; he brings 7 key priorities to the table

Haiti maintains diplomatic ties with Taiwan
Haiti president Jovenel Moise flew to Taiwan Saturday, Saturday, 26 May 2018. The national palace give any details as to why ecatly the president went to Taiwan for but.

Haitian newspaper Le Nouveliste said a close adviser to president Jovenel Moise told them that the president went ot Taiwan to discuss the key 7 priorities of his government with the Taiwanese authorities.

Not a bad idea, Mr. President... I mean, China is making a pretty darn good offer these days and, like a famous Haitian dictator once said, "la reconnaissance est une lacheté," if it doesn't convert to continues progress for Haiti. (OK, I added the second part!)

Here are the 7 key point that President Jovenel Moise plans to discuss in his chit-chat with Taiwan, according to Le Nouvelliste:

  1. Build energy infrastructure, roads and ports
  2. Increase agricultural production and improve the environment
  3. Strengthen water and sanitation infrastructure
  4. Reform the state and maintain political and social stability
  5. Transform Haiti into an investment destination
  6. Improve infrastructure and quality of education
  7. Promote stability through social projects

Let us hope the man does not return back home empty handed. Or else, this is definitely bad news for him and his presidency. Haitians can no longer boil promises to put on their plate.

What do you think about that?

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Grosouda Argent ou pas....Ils n'ont pas de plan.....Believe you me.....C'est un pays a developer en 5 ans....POINT BARRE....
Reply · May 27 at 2:53 PM
Grosouda GOH?...They don't have a plan...rgent ou pas Ils n'ont pas de plan...La preuve...Les milliards de 2010....Les montants du Petro Carie.......C'est un... see more
Reply · May 27 at 2:50 PM

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Subject: President Jovenel in Taiwan for a little chit-chat; he brings 7 key priorities to the table edit

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