President-Elect Michel Martelly In Washington Tuesday but...

Have you ever read something and scratch your head to the point of being bald? Read this...

VOA news reports...

Haiti's presidential office says President-elect Michel Martelly will travel to the United States Tuesday for talks with the heads of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Nothing wrong so far right?

Now read this...

The State Department has yet not announced a meeting between Martelly and Secretary Clinton, and it is not on her published schedule for Tuesday.

What is that all about?


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UPDATE: Voice of America modified the article after the State Department posted the meeting info later in the afternoon.

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Mike says...

Before posting anything on the web you should always make sure to first fix your spelling errors.

Also, please keep your uneducated comments to yourself; Because, this surely does not make me proud as Haitian to read your lines.

Please don't see it as a sign of disrespect; but, instead learn from it in order to better yourself in the

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Baron Samedi says...

Are you completely out of your mind?

What does Obama have to do with Haiti's presidential election, this time?

You are out of your mind. The Haitian people have elected Martelly, not Obama or Obama's administration.

Grow up and take responsibility for your action if you want to be taken

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Nicolas Ismael says...

we do love Obama, however many haitians are mad hat him for having left the clintons give free access to such an immoral person to lead haiti.

As an ex radio broadcaster, a 24/7 like michael martelly, I have medited more than 1000 times to conclude: they used to say that US never liked haiti, I did not think so, then when I use to be in haiti, from people in the street, i heard different sounds compare to france.

therefore after the wonderful gift of the the trio BHO, i do admit that I was naive to not conceive it as true. anyway, Haiti is not going to perish then to everything there's a time. neverthereless, if after more than 300 years of slavery we did not discourage to finally open other countries eyes, it is not actually to create defeat.

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Richelle says...

What the hell!"do not have a pot to pisser"People pisser in the bathroom not in the pot.This is funny you make me lol.I like Bel-Politik Because I get to laugh, the minute I start read some of these

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Ben says...


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Nou Mele says...

Ayiti pran nan 3 wa :wa kaka, wa gentan kon nen, wa kite

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Patricia says...

Friends! let keep praying for the president, for the wisdom of Solomon continue pouring on him. Yesterday was superb the way he represent Haiti and today he is going to meet with the Secretary keep him all day in prayer for God to put the right word in his mouth also to use Mrs Clinton as a tool to change our beloved country.

We ask the Holy Spirit to touch every heart that Mr Martelly will meet today and tomorrow, whosoever have money, power influence to incarnated Haiti wellbeing on their minds.God bless Martelly, and God bless

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Toussaint says...

Aly Jean-louis,

Thank you for your insight.

I don't know when many Haitians will realize that America is not and never will want a safe, prosperous Haiti.

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Eclaicir Nomfort says...

Hillary and Bill Clinton you both should live Haitians alone.

Whatever you are looking for I guess you already found it. Why you always want to impose your own ways and ideas on us. We understand that SM fell nan tintin.

Sweet Micky may look like a white man but he is not. Please leave us alone so we can rebuild our land. Enough is

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Don says...

Can't you see that president Preval and his goons at the CEP keep delaying the official results?

that way they'll have time to make all kind of deals without president Micky's knowledge.

As of now, he is not officially a president elect so washington cannot invite him

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