Suddenly, President Aristide's wife Mildred is doing the talking...

Suddenly now it is President Aristide's wife Mildred doing to talking... She came out and spoke on behalf of her husband Aristide on 16 Dec 2013, the 23rd anniversary of Jean-Bertrand Aristide's election as president of Haiti.

Mildred Aristide the Rescue?

Mildred says...

"Au nom de Titide, je vous remercie d'avoir fait le déplacement pour commémorer cette date historique pour le mouvement Lavalas...Yon sèl machwè paka manje vyann nap mande nou met tèt nou ansanm poun avance"


On behalf of Titide, I thank you for making the trip to commemorate this historic date for the Lavalas movement ... a single jaw cannot eat meat [That's Aristide talking LOL] we asked that we put our heads together in order to advance [referring to the disputes going on in the LAVALAS camp]

Haiti Press Network reports...

The ceremony was briefly interrupted by an altercation between three groups of militants. The first group booing Maryse Narcisse -- Ohhhhh.... Ouchhhhh!!! --, current coordinator of Fanmi Lavalas, a second shouting "Vive Moise" -- Long live Moise Jean-Charles -- and finally a third claiming Lavalas pure strain, cheering former President Aristide.

Huh huh!!!

What do you think about that?

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Maggy Gousse says...

Simply saying, turning Haitians against Haitians will not do it!

It's on the Haitian flag that we cherish so much even as a born out of Country Diaspora! L"Union Fait La force"

Trying to make Haitians (du peuple) envy other fellow Haitians, seed jealousy and hatred amongst people will not do it, Aristide!

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Maggy Gousse says...

I am an American born and I may say anything I want and express myself with no fear. I practice my constitutional "Right of Speech" as an American with no fear however I have modified my original opinion and do realizes that my Haitian soul have to slow down and take it easy. I toned it down, somehow! It is as-follows:

Wow, in my opinion, this man is out of his mind and continues to go even more out of his mind! Can't he follow some of the USA former Presidents example and go hide under a rock?

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Paul says...

Aristide said he came back to Haiti to work in education.

What work has he done in education since he came back?

I would love to get an answer to that question.

Please, answer

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