Pras Endorses Sweet Micky, Not Wyclef, For President of Haiti

The FUGEES are divided over Haiti - Pras Michel endorses Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) for president Haiti, not his cousin Wyclef Jean.

The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, Lauren Hill, Pras Michel

Pras issued the following statement according the the :

"I endorse Michel Martelly [Sweet Micky] as the next president of Haiti because he is the most competent candidate for the job"

, known as Pras, and member of the hip hop trio The Fugees (Wyclef, Pras, and Lauren Hill)

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Discuss it...

What do you think about the fact that Pras Fugees does not endorse Wyclef for president?

ESSENCE interviews Wyclef Jean and LeToya Luckett (Destiny's Child) at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards   Wyclef Jean and Destiny's Child - LeToya Luckett, Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Robinson back in 1997   LeToya Luckett (Destiny's Child) hugging and thanking Wyclef Jean at  the MTV VMAs   Wyclef Jean, his wife Claudinette and daughter Angelina -  Wyclef gets key to the City of Brooklyn   PHOTO: Wyclef Jean in his black gown and academic cap   PHOTO: Wyclef Jean in graduation Uniforms   Men WYCLEF Jean on Netflix   Mural of Wyclef Jean unveiled in Newark, New Jersey. That's Wyclef standing in front of it  

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Dawn Brown says...

Josma;I like the way you express yourself for the people of never scared to tell it the way it is and I always respect you for that, we Americains dont really know what is going in Haiti people like you is a light to see, take care my brother see you at

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Betina Omelius says...

I really can't judge Wyclef because he's a rapper artist.

If that's what he can do to get on top, hey, why not go for it.On the other side haitian people deserve to have a leadership ready and know how to turn our economy around.

We need a serious leader who know what he or she's

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Thomas Stcloud says...

m salye tiba, chapo ba pou bel opinyon ou lage sou net la, mwen aplodiw paske tout sa ou di yo valab, yon sel bagay map ajoute sou kek lot panse, ayiti gen yo pil ti tonton ki rasi e pouri nan politik peyia yo okipe anpil pos nan gouvenman rat do kale sa yo, se yo menm ki pa vle leta nan peyia chanje paske sil chanje yo pap gen monopol nan men yo anko yo pap ka kouche bel ti moun anko timoun ki ta menm pitit yo, se sak fe li enpotan pou clef sil ta vin prezidan travay pou chanje leta pouri santi saa paske sistem nan pat bati pou peyia, menl te bati pou selman moun kap travay ladan e sa vin rann leta demisyone nan tout bagay ki egziste nan peyia ki ta dwe sevi nasyon an, li le li tan pou nou menm nan diaspora kiwe jan peyi mache fe yon jan pou sove peyi pa nou an, m pa di clef se solisyon an men li se yon gro moso nan le aktyel la, viv clef pitit

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Tiba says...

Once again, Pras is a big retard with down syndrom who must not be listened to. He refered to Sweet Miky as competent, right?

But does anyone know of any office held by Sweet Miky before?

How can someone be competent if never held office or run a big corporation, etc.

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J.w. says...

I AGREE!!!! Wyclef, I love as a person.

But come on people.

This is Haiti's last chance and we need some one with the ability to do more than just 726725be a

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N.joseph says...

ayisyen pa konnen Pras, ayisyen

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Miggy says...

I love your comment brother.

Keep promoting our beloved brother Wyclef.

He freaking great, simply

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Jessica says...

well tt sak kap pale tintin wyclef ka ede haiti i know he can so..nou pa besoin moun ki pou vi n manje ankor nap di wyclef pa gen exprience the hell li t dwe gen la nou pa chache mun nap di li pa pale francais preval pale anglais nou pa besoin bel francais kounyea se aide nou besoin vivvvvvvv wyclef 100000000fois ke tt lot shit yo map peye ticket [pou m al vote w jean welcome pou help ou i know you

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Ben says...

let me tell u something, after all those president we had they didn't do shit 4 this country, i know wyclef doesn't have experience but he should be president of haiti because sa wyclef fe pou peyi a pa gen ankenn lot presidan ki fe sa pou haiti, pou kisa nou pa met tet ansanm se sa haiti manke ak tet ansanm nap rive sispann rayi youn ak

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Mses T says...

I agree with you guys we have a bunch of clowns that cant do nothing like Mr Preval he been there for 20 years untl today i still cant find one person that we can thrust lets ELECT ANOTHER CLOWN i feel so bad for my haitian brothers and

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