Petion-Ville Haiti Place Saint Pierre FINALLY Tent City FREE!

President Michel Martelly At Place Saint Pierre, Petion-Ville Haiti
Great Haiti Earthquake Recovery News --- There are no more tents in Place Saint Pierre, Petion-Ville Haiti... One Down... Many more to go!

Since the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, most of the public squares in the Haitian capital have been turned into tent cities. One of these public squares, Place Saint Pierre in Petion-Ville, has finally been freed of these tents and their residents.

Bravo to all the government leaders who made this happen!

Haitian president Michel Martelly, Petion-Ville Mayor Claire Lydie Parent, and other members of the government attended a ceremony over the weekend at Place Saint Pierre to mark this important step towards the end of tent city life in Haiti.

Residents of the park received some assistance from the local and national governments, and the The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) in order to relocate.

The relocation project called project 16/6, a project aiming to rehabilitate of 6 camps in 16 priority neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince, Delmas and Petion-Ville. It is a 78 Million Dollar project.

According to news reports, President Martelly mentioned that the next square to be Tent-City-Free in Haiti will be Place Boyer in Petion-Ville. This is supposed to happen before the end of the year 2011.

We don't know exactly how long it will take but the government plans to restore all the public places to their original purpose across the country.

On a side note... I hope the rehabilitation of Champs-de-Mars is not far behind because Champs-de-Mars is literally the open air living room of the Republic of Haiti and an iconic landmark in Haitian culture, AND, for many decades a tourist destination, especially during the Haitian carnival season.

Since 2010 Champs-de-Mars has been converted to one of the biggest and most talked about tent city in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Restoring this landmark to it's original grandeur will be a real stepping stone towards the post-reconstruction era in Haiti.

What do you think about this?

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Gervais Marc Ringo aux autorites Haitienne, Haiti ce doux pays est a duex droigts de perdre le profit de la vente car trop de politicards dans le pays ils sont tous... see more
Reply · June 13 at 12:33 PM
Wagner Fils Very good,Petion ville cannot stay like that, we have yo keep it clean, Bravo lydie Parent,Bravo President Martelly I believe you can do it, keep it... see more
Reply · December 01 at 8:29 AM
Sabine Bon Travail Claire Lydie Parent la Mairesse de P
Reply · November 30 at 9:48 AM
Gervais Marc Ringo cher president bravo pour le travail que vous effectuez dans le vous encourage en ce sens a faire beaucoup plus.
Reply · November 19 at 9:13 AM
Bladimir Mentor Mr president of the republic priye pou ou pou kapab jwen plis fos ak kouraj pou w ka fini travay sa ou konmanse la si ke yon... see more
Reply · November 19 at 8:21 AM
Wilner Dossous Bravo President Martelly et chapeau ba pou Ludie. Je suis tres content cela a finalement arrive qu'on a debarasse la place de St. Pierre. J' espere... see more
Reply · November 15 at 12:43 AM

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