Petion-Ville Mayor Claire Lydie Parent Is FIRED.

Can a city mayor be fired? LOL... Yesterday Haitian Interior Minister Ronsard St Cyr confirmed that Petion-Ville Mayor Claire Lydie Parent has been fired.

Claire Lydie Parent, Mairie De Petion Ville

According to Interior Minister Ronsard St Cyr, Mayor Claire Lydie Parent's mandate expired a year ago. Yvanca Jolicoeur Brutus was installed as the new head of the Municipal government of Pétion-Ville.


About a week ago, mayor Claire Lydie Parent made a public statement about certain people preventing her from performing her duties ad mayor.

"We ask the government and the president, if you don't want me to do my job, then make a decision but don't make Petion-ville suffer!"

I guess a decision has been made!

M'ale papa!

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Myrline Alcindor says...

she always pays to stay in power not this time .they need to take her to the court to explain what she did with the money she took from the little sellers in petion ville .no pregnant women is going to get killed, abused from her chimere group, no robbery .I am so sorry that has to be done long time ago.


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Amonnon Louis says...

sak pase konsa-a an Ayiti?

ki le nap gen yon Ayisyen ki ka kondwi Ayiti sou ray devlopman?

kisak anpeche Ayisyen fe sa ki byen?

Sa-a se yon wont pou jisjounen jodi-a pou Ayisyen paka pran desten Ayiti an

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