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Anacacis Jean Hector predicts a WOMAN will be president of Haiti in 2021

With all the fighting going on among male politicians in Haiti, Jean Hector Anacacis predicts a WOMAN will be president of Haiti in 2021.

FLASH: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles demands the Departure of president Jovenel Moise from office

In a Haiti street protest Wednesday, ex Senator Moise Jean Charles demanded that President Jovenel Moise leave office, his departure from power...

Haiti Manifestation 20 Sept 2017 has started - Updates

The Haiti manifestation of 20 September 2017 has just started according to news reports.

FLASH: Haiti 2017 - 2018 Budget has been PUBLISHED, now what?

Haiti's Finance Law for the financial year 2017-2018, aka the BUDGET, has been published in the government's official newspaper Le Moniteur, in issue 27, dated Tuesday, September 19, 2017. With all the street protests announced to force president to back down from publishing this budget, now what???

Haiti Budget: Andre Michel says President Jovenel Moise has 2 Choices

When it comes the budget, Andre Michel says President Jovenel has two choices: The path to that leads Confrontation or the path that leads to Understating.

Haiti: The budget scares those who are corrupted, president Jovenel Moise says

While in New York for the 72nd General Assembly President Jovenel Moise said: Because the budget will lower the level of corruption in the country, many people are afraid of it.

Gregory Brandt: The Rich in Haiti pay more taxes, Politicians make the people believe the rich do not pay

There is a sector in the Haitian population that is trying to make the people believe that the rich don't pay taxes. Haitian businessman Gregory Brandt had something to say about that...

Moise Jean Charles: I wrote to Jovenel Moise and told him to Resign

In an interview to Haiti radio Signal FM, ex Senator Moise Jean Charles said: "I wrote to Jovenel Moise and asked him to resign. he didn't do it".

Attempt to Arrest ex-Senator Moise Jean Charles

A vehicle carrying ex Senator Moise Jean Charles had a run-in with the Haitian police in Delmas 75 Wednesday 13 September 2017, around 12:50pm. A tense situation developed thereafter...

Haiti's Justice Minister condems acts of violence and vandalism in recent protest

Haiti's Ministry of justice has condemned strongly all of the acts of violence and vandalism that occurred during an opposition street protest Tuesday and promises to act.