No Need To Panic, The Marines Are In Haiti To Help The US Ambassador Says

Tout Moun Tet Fret - Over the weekend there was panic in Haiti when words got out that US Marines had landed in Port-au-Prince. "A pure coincidence," US Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, explains...

US Soldiers and Marines Building Tents in Gonaives Haiti

According to the Ambassador, a contingency of Marines was expected to arrive in Haiti around this time to begin preparation for the hurricane season due to an accord signed between Haiti and The United States many months ago.

Their Mission: To do some hurricane preparation work on the area of Gonaives especially, an area prone to floods.

Ambassador Kenneth Merten says in a radio interview...

"We did not assume that Haiti would still be in an electoral period, we expected Haiti to have new sitting president as of February 7 2011."

Hmmmm... We all know what happened!

The fact that the Marines arrived a few days before the final election results are announced is a pure coincidence, the Ambassador says.

The are here for Humanitarian reason. More Marines will arrive in the coming days.

"Yo pa isi ditou pou anka derapaj," the Ambassador confirmed in Haitian Creole in a radio interview to Signal FM.

So there you have it...

Tout Moun Rete Tet Fret... Ambassador Kenneth Merten seems to like this phrase! :)

Do you feel better now? Or do you have a conspiracy theory?

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Jean Catulle says...

Respe pou ayiti

Ayisyen fre m yo

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Nicole Alceus says...

Like Sweet Mickey said in one of his songs "This is

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Usdollar says...

They are killing for the US dollar, but they don't want to see the US marines.

Make up your

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Sergo Jean says...

I do not support the topic paske Mwen pa vle pran nan poisson d'Avril sa, depi 1915 a 2011 nou nan poisson d'Avril .Si marines yo tap fe pou Haiti pep la tap gentan soti nan tant yo epi gen yon cote pou rete apre yon ane tranbleman ter. Dapre mwen menm Japon pral gen plus priorite pou lot peyi yo ke Haiti.

Chili gentan bien loin nan zafe reconstruction peyi l e Haiti contunie ap tann.

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