Martine Moise, already the most criticized First Lady of Haiti, but for what?

PHOTO: Haiti - Premiere Dame Martine Moise ap mare tèt yon ti granmoune
Haiti's first lady Martine Moise is possibly the most criticized first lady Haiti ever had. Fortunately for her, she is only being criticized for being "Simple".

What is so wrong with being simple?

Many Haitians have a love and hate relationship with people in power. They want you to look like a million dollars and when you do, they are the first to accuse you of stealing government money to buy doodads.

The woman stood by her man, through 22 months of campaigning going all over the country hand in hand with her husband. I don't hear women giving her credit for that, instead they criticize her for her shoes.

When it's not the shoes, it's the handbag. when it's not the handbag, it's the clothes she wears. When it's not the clothes, it's the fact that she is a plus size woman.

Martine Moise is NOT a super model but you don't have to tell her that. I think she knows that already.

To criticism someone because she continues to be herself, the real Martine, even after she becomes first lady of the Republic by being natural and simple is wrong.

Madame Martine Moise, some people do appreciate you for keeping it simple...

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Yvans Indeed First Lady stay the way you are damn if you do damn if you don't. At the end of the day do what you do best help as many as you can. May God... see more
Reply · May 14 at 6:54 PM
Firehot Well I am one just like her simple and real and so plus size sweet. Keep it natural and real.
Reply · December 27 at 7:20 PM
Frantz Reid There is an English expression to describe Haiti's First Lady. She is " TOGETHER "....En Creole..." li c BON BAGAIL..."
Reply · December 27 at 1:18 PM
Yanick Florus I do love and appreciate the First Lady. She is a beautiful and simple person. The haters are only hateful and ignorants. Bravo Madame Moise. Keep... see more
Reply · December 27 at 12:42 PM
David The First Lady of Haiti is being criticized because she is not fake. At one point, Former US First Lady Michelle Obama was criticized for her style... see more
Reply · December 27 at 12:05 PM
Haiti Politique La première dame d'Haiti, Martine Moise, est probablement la première dame la plus critiquée d'Haiti. Heureusement pour elle, elle... see more
Reply · December 27 at 10:38 AM

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Subject: Martine Moise, already the most criticized First Lady of Haiti, but for what? edit

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