New Passport For Aristide Approved, Haiti Government Agrees

President Aristide WILL finally get his Haitian passport. The Haitian government has agreed to issue a new diplomatic passport to the former president, his lawyer said.

President Jean Bertrand Aristide

Ira Kurzban, the lawyer who represents former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide told the media that he he has been notified.

Here is a clip from a an article posted on

"To expedite this matter, President Aristide's passport may be delivered to the government of South Africa or to me," Kurzban wrote in a letter addressed to two Haitian government officials.

A senior Haitian government official, under the direction of President Rene Preval, told reporters that the government was prepared to issue a new passport to Aristide "without delay".

Political observers say the decision is a significant reversal for Preval, who had refused Aristide's request for a passport for years, partly in response to international pressure.

International pressure... Huhhh? LOL

Kurzban said Aristide wants to return as "a private citizen, to help his country."


1) Do you believe that Aristide CAN live quietly in Haiti as a private citizen?

2) What do you think will happen in Haiti if and when Aristide returns to Haiti?

3) Do you think his followers will allow him to live as a private citizen?

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Lionel P. says...

No haitian should be forced to go to exile especially a former President.

According to the survey 90% of the haitians people want ARISTIDE back to the country that prove how good He was for the Nation.


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Jj says...

Duvalier,,Aristide, Preval and all their cabinet the government are all same they don't care for the progress of haiti and the wellbeing of the people only to enrich their own self friends supporteurs family and grease the hands of the outsiders EACH HEAD OF A POOR HAITIANS IS GOLD MINE FOR MANY DONATION MONEY MONEY FOR POOR HAITIANS HELP THE CHILDREN ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY VERY PLEASE OM STAY THAT WAY BUSINESS WILL CONTINUE WHEALTH FOR THEM THEIR ENTOURAGE FAMILY FRIENDS BUYING MANSION LEAVING LIKE KINGS QUEENS THEY WANT YO PUT HAITIAN AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR THEIR OWNS

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Jay says...

mwen la ap gade ki kote yape mennin peyi a, yo tout se men m, pa gen diferans, preval, Aristid e lot yo se toujou men m tenyen an, yo sonje manmel bef la yo tout vle tounen vin tete, bann

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Franck says...

Yes as a citizen President Aristide must be able to live peacefullly on this peace of land that our ancestors were sacrifying for, that was not a

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Mama says...

There is not nothing bad for Aristide to return to his country.

In every country presidents always stay in their country after they complete their government things, but in Haiti things are different why and why. I think it will be a good thing for Him to come back. Haiti needs Him a lot and all of them can put their hands together to build the country

May God be with Haiti in that

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Viola Myrtil says...

Aristide is on his way to Haiti and will be landing there tonight.

It was reported that CEP is waiting for him to land before making their report public.

This is what some chimeres are dreaming about.

Nightmares do come true at

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Marie Elie says...


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Muffi says...

I agree with you 100%.

It's amazing how haitian people forget God in the

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Patricia says...

Knowing the time will come where we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.Then every one shall give account of himself to God. Wherefore

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Marjorie, meci anpil paske mwen pat wrel-li konsa ditou.

how, how, wi fout nou pran nan gom.
ki solisyion ki

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