New Haiti Industrial Park, 65,000 Potential New Jobs

The first stones have been laid for a new 605-acre industrial park in the Caracol, Nothern Haiti. Haven't you heard? Haiti is open for business...

Haiti Open For Business

This new industrial park will attract 65,000 jobs

The Miami Herald reports...

"The park's first tenants include one of Korea's biggest clothing manufactures, Sae-A, which will eventually employ 20,000 people. About 5,000 new houses will surround the area, courtesy of the IDB and U.S. Agency for International Development."

According to Reuters, "Haitian President Michel Martelly said the park could eventually provide jobs for 65,000 workers, which would increase Haiti's garment industry workforce by more than 200 percent."

This is just one of the outcomes of a two-day investment forum that started yesterday, Monday, in Haiti.

65,000 jobs... Wow... That's great news dont you think?

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Yvenson Zamor says...

Its a big step forward as long, that clothing company dont try to enslave the fruit of the loom and levis.

They had to fight them for 5 dollars a

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I got your point Benardette, we are too far behind in every directions regarding Haitians life style.

Sorry to say that, i don't see anyway out for that kind of life style Haitians deserves.

But we need to start now not later, it's the only way to accomplish more or less that life style we deserve as human being.

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Bernadette says...

Like I said the percentage of the middle class is small.

Jean Pierre, I also think that you are aware that money is one aspect of being middle class, there is also education, style of thinking associated with a middle class, school attended, neighborhood lifestyle and membership, beliefs and self-identification with the middle class etc. You get the

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bernadette, It's look like you forget in Haiti, you can works for months with out getting any pay checks in hands.

Those poor Haitian nurses and teachers works their backs off like slaves, cannot own a vehicule with their salaries, still walking or their transportations are tap-taps just like the factory workers;Please, i am very confuse with your middle class.

Small shop owners, small hotels owners are in difficulties themselves to

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.jonas Dulain says...

Su excelencia presidente, un placer tener la oportunidad de escribir en tu blog, excelente presidente yo como cuidadano haitiano, joven intelectual, futuro del pais me gustaria compartir mi idea sobre lo que pienso en bien para el beneficio mutuo de nosotros.

Yo he escribe muchas opiniones positivos que pienso sirve al buen ritmo del desarrollo del pais. Excelente a trabajar ya!por amor de Leonel F ya tenemos casi lista una universidad en el norte, pues de alli mismo vamos a seguir construyendo un polo de desarrollo integral: como proyectos residenciales, un puerto, un

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Bernadette says...

You do understand the pimping business talked here was a joke, right?

I almost wished however that there were a place like brothels with men only so that women can denigrate them just the same way they have denigrated women through

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Dominique says...

Close down all the brothels, cafebouzinsyo,cafejeunesseyo.

Execute all the pimps, madames,tiouls, jeane,jamets, johns,bagmen, bagwomen,drug dealers with their

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Bernadette says...

Jean Pierre, sorry to tell you that Haiti does have a middle class albeit small and weak but there is one. What do you think the Haitian nurses, teachers, small shop owners, small hotel owners, clerical workers are?

They are not rolling in dough, but just barely have enough to pay their bills.

OK, OK, you can keep your brothels with your foreign girls and long as you leave 50% of the brothels for me so that I can have my brothels with foreign men with nice bod who don't mind shaking what their mama gave

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Benadette, Haiti don't have a middle class.

Beside, the so-called small Hotels you've claim are owned by oppressors and crooks.

For many many years they have prevented and conspire with our dirty government officials to blocks new Hotels from errecting in the country by real businees peole from abroad.

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Bernadette says...

Creation of jobs are great.

Whatever service or manufacturing jobs we can get, we should take. My concern is that the existing smaller hotels might not be able to compete with bigger and newer ones; especially if they armed themselves with solid MBA holders with specialty in Hospitality.

Should we let it happen as in the usual battle of the fittest or should we protect our existing smaller hotel keepers?

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