Moise Jean Charles vs LAVALAS... The New Episode...

Yesterday, I read a comment on Facebook that when Moise Jean-Charles is not mentioned on the social network, Facebook is quiet... Just as we were about to give the guy a break, he had just found a new Avenue - Moise Jean Charles vs LAVALAS... The saga continues.

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles

This morning, I tuned to Haiti news as usual so I can be "au fait de l'actualité" and... Lo and behold... It looks like Senator Moise Jean-Charles is at it again.

If you recall, Lavalas released a note to the press stating that Moise and depute Arnel Belizaire is not allowed to speak publicly on its behalf

The good senator says he wants to be sure this decision came from the man himself (you know who I am talking about) before he opens a can of worms.

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Gaspard says...

Haitiens! Ouvrez donc les yeux! Repassez les evenements des dernieres decenies.

AUCUNE de ces 'creatures " n'est digne de

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Gauthiier Saintiluis says...

My question is that Who signed the contract with a foreign power to occupy Haiti?

What to do with such a so called

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