VIDEO: Moise Jean Charles says The US State Department wanted him AND Martelly to meet with Obama

Watch this video, Haiti senator Moise Jean Charles says he had a meeting with the U.S. State department where they asked him to accompany president Martelly to meet with President Obama... "For the record... I declined" the Haitian senator say...

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles

Moise Jean Charles also spoke out about the political dialogue that took place in Haiti.

The Haitian Senator claims the dialogue is nothing more than people trying to get a piece of the pie... He warns the Haitian people to beware of everyone who participated in the dialogue..

The dialogue rehabiliated president Martelly, Moise Jean Charles says... And the fact that Martelly said in Cap Haitien the Moise Jean Charles is proof that democracy is alive and well in Haiti is a speech the U.S. department encouraged him to do.

The man said a lot... Watch the video and reply with your comments

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Robert Jean Augustin says...

This man created too many

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Wana says...

Se domaj! lavalas pase epi kite 3 fèy ki lage peyi banboch tèt kale! Lavalas = 3 fèy = 12 janvye = kraze Ayiti tèt

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Jean Wanel says...

Je demande comment et pourquoi les fous détestent la folie d'une autre

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Lavalas Louis says...

Epi ti Simone martelly pat mouri! Group 184 pat mouri! Convergence democratique pat mouri.! Sa ki fè nou pè Lavalas konsa menm. Nou bal tout non pote men li toujou pi janm. Wè pa wè antèman an pou 8 è nan maten nan lané 2016 lè eleksyon pou prezidan se lè sa nap wè moun ki di ke yo gen moun dèyè yo. Bann ti sousou! Se kominoté intènasyonal la ki pou ta fè nou

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Mr Alexander says...

Well, he has officially become a clown.

The guy is an idiotic sociopath; I do not wish this burden on any political party, be it

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Gesner says...

This guy is really

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Garry Destin says...

If moise doesn't understand what it means, he is a fool. It means that under Aristide, moise would have been a dead

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Subject: VIDEO: Moise Jean Charles says The US State Department wanted him AND Martelly to meet with Obama edit

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