Moise Jean Charles 15-Day ULTIMATUM to President Aristide

You have 15 days OR I will talk, Moise Jean Charles says to Aristide... Before flying to Brazil on Wednesday, Senator Moise Jean Charles said that former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide had only fifteen days to say whether or not he endorses the decision of the Fanmi LAVALAS party board to shut him up... Otherwise he will talk...

Moise Jean Charles - Jean Bertrand Aristide

According to Haiti newspaper Le Matin, Moise Jean Charles promises upon his return from Brazil to tell the truth if the strongman of Fanmi Lavalas has not pronounced himself within that 15 day period.

Question: What does Moises Jean Charles KNOW about Aristide that allows him to talk like that?

Is this just... as the Haitian says... Gwo Van Ti Lapli???

Will Aristide be so scared to keep it secret that he will go against his own party?

Recall.... Fanmi Lavalas had issued a public note stating that Senator Moïse Jean Charles and the member Arnel Belizaire have no right to speak on behalf of the part/

What do you think about that?

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Turenne Jean-francois says...

Pa etoné non si misyié pa retounin nan peyi a, pace ké li gen dwa konin twop bagay sou titid ki pa

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