MINUSTAH Leader Edmond Mulet Says He Hopes The Loosing Party Accepts Defeat

FACT - In the Haiti elections there will ONLY be ONE winner - Edmond Mulet, Interim Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is hopeful that the loosing party will accept defeat.

Edmond Mulet

But just in case the loser soti pou-l fe lobey...

MINUSTAH is ready, Edmon Mulet says, to back up the Haitian National Police Force in assuring security in Haiti, especially in the RED zones.

In a radio interview, Edmond Mulet says...

"There has been lots of rumors circulating in Haiti these days... but the fact remains that the Haitian people have already voted... and the election results will show clearly who won and who lost... I believe that all these rumors and broadcast messages being sent out will NOT change anything..."

"Les reslutats seront les resultats..."

"The winners must understand that there were also votes cast for other candidates in the election..."

"The losers must also understand that, this time around, the Haitian people did not bless you with the majority of the votes."

"That is what a democracy is.
That is why there is an election."

"You present yourself to the PEOPLE as a candidate and... it is the PEOPLE who must decide who wins."

"You will NOT WIN all the time and you need to know how to LOOSE..."

Woy fout.... Men education nationale la... LOL...

Edmond Mulet continues...

"The message: Respecter la volonte populaire, meme si on est pas d'accord"
(Respect the people's choice even if you disagree)

"AND ALSO... Put yourself at the service of your country..."

"There are many ways you can serve your country, so I would ask the loosing parties, in all levels of the election, to figure out what other ways they can serve towards the reconstruction and development of Haiti"

"If you have to contest the elections, do it legally; do it while respecting the will of the Haitian people"

Voila... Mesdames et Mesieurs...


Do you support the opinion of Mr Mulet, the MINUSTAH leader?

What do you have to say about that?

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Louis M. Saint-yvert says...

all haitias know the next president of haiti is, le tet kalealor kom se kep kap dirije li met bay moun li vle a genyen men, si se manigat kep la bay genyen, nap we si se vre, for me if manigat win the fist who must die is the president of cep and the next is perval.

m konnen tout pep la deja deside, nou nan mize nap mouri men nap mouri yon lot fason konnya, si se vre manigat gen plis moun se pa selman nan eleksyon an li dwe genyen, paske li le pou nou sispann pase nan metiz.

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Soule says...

Tout moun rele fami ou or zanmi di yo pa pran lari ya apre rezulta paske uniti pare pou tiye yo. Tranpri souple di yon ak lo`t pran prekosyon paske uniti fi-n dechinin

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Wapsuiv says...

Haiti has a new generation that is on the internet and informing itself on so many issues that were kept on the hush hush

We are going to take our future by its wings to fly with it. We believe that we can fly, and we will. It will take some time, but we have time.

We are on the rise, and i know you can feel it.

Mate kompaa all the way

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Jynee says...


Sa se mesaj Mulet voye ba partner'l Preval.

Since they're use to stealing elections all the time, He's telling his homeboy to accept defeat.

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Nelo Love says...

si se pa michel ki president se pou peuple la pran lari .yo konnen yo vote pou michel nou pap pran nan sa merci se pou cep a respecte vote peuple

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Soule says...

An mwe, an mwe, an mwe vive Haiti! mezanmi an netoye paske prezidan paka prete se`man nan frata ke mouin we`ki gin an Ayiti

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Nuday says...

you said he will be declared the winner by 67%, but my sources in Haiti have said 57% what does it matter 67 or 57 the only people that are surprised are the ones who don't believe that the youth of Haiti has arrived.

Tres simple.

Now let us clean up Haiti.

It is a new

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Kale Ko says...

Mr. mulet ki nationalite-ou are you a citizen haitian?

pouki sa wap foure bec ou nan sa ki pa gade-ou. d'ailleurs mwen deja konnen depi anle kiyes ki prezidan.

tet kale. sa wap di la tout se bobine.

magouy ou anvi fe. al fe peyi ou mache anvan ou fe ti peyi-m Haiti

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Hj Christopher says...

The CEP is scheduled to announce today that Michel Martelly won the election by a landslide beating madame Manigat by 3-1. Martelly receveid 67% of the votes to Manigat 33%.

Certainly the Martelly camp is now celebrating their victory.

Thanks to all the magouyeurs.

I think money talk!!! CEP members are little richer today!!! what a way to sale an election!!!


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Clec says...

ok si tout fwA yo ta bay madanm election an, mwen ta swete martelly bay yon bel diskou ki pral rete nan listwa, pou ti moun kap leve et pou la democrasi.

bagay saaaa.

nou pa dwe rete bwA kwaze.

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