Michel Martelly Rejects Offer To Be Candidate #3 in Round 2

Presidential candidate has rejected an offer to participate as a third candidate in the second round of the 2010 Haiti presidential elections.

Jude Celestin Vs Mirlande Manigat Vs Michel Martelly?

What the ...?

THREE Candidates in Round TWO? Are You Serious?

Yes... Actually, the joint mission from the Organisation of American States and the Caribbean Community said officials could consider putting a third candidate in round two of Haiti election 2010 if the vote is nearly tied.

Now Consider this...

While is ahead of by a whopping 95,416 votes, according to the official Haiti election results, lost to by 6,845 votes (less than one percent) to assume the number two position and secure his spot in round two.

Sweet Micky di NON... Poukisa?

In an an interview on Friday, according to the New York Times, says:

"This would be like fraud to be in a second round by invitation. I want to either win or lose."

Two questions:

1) Should there be 3 candidate in the election runoff?

2) How do you think this is going to end?

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Guy Comeau says...

I don't get it. You people know that the elections were a total fraud.

We saw the evidence through the ballots boxes, through the Proces verbaux, through the media's cameras that elections were a complete fraud.

How would anyone of us could go on with the same result produced by INITE?

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Joseph Destine says...

moin dako a san pou san ak deklaration sergo jean specialman nan kote-lekri pou refome lame tout moun ka wouet ke pey dahaiti pakab fonktione san lame tout dezod kap fet yo se a koze pa gin lam nan pey-a moun fe sa yo vle sa yo pi pito pa gin sekirite pagin respe dezod a doit a goch pa gin moun ki pou di stop, ,,tout fason bay haiti ou chans kanmem,,.moin pa an fave peson moun min haiti.moin wouet kap depafini...

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Tiloka47 says...

ki michel marthelly?

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Georeges says...

m totalman dako ak ide w la...li le, li tan pou mete neg sa yo ki ampeche peyi a mache anba

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Jimmy says...

Si li pa aksepte l ap domi deyo eh

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Prt says...

This is a complete and utter joke. There should be no special concession or accomodation.

The tabulation of the votes need determine the top two candidates who will move on the the second tour. And the notion to offer Michel and 3rd spot suggests that count was fraudulent and they are improvising as they go along.

Scrap the entire thing and have a new election.

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Patricia says...

That's another good idea, but we all know it if you like him or not Michel Martelly he's the only one the Haitians people trust.The rest of them their hands are not clean, just take a look at their background that's all I'm going to say. So if they choose to go with 5 members to govern MR Martelly is president no matter what they try he will be our next president.

God bless

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Ronald Altieri says...

Some have stated that in this new political climate, it would be better for our government to have a governing body composed of 5 members.

Some others whisper about the constitution not being in that light; the constitution is a foundation by which ideas can be brought to surface.

Permit me to say that, the people of a nation is its breath, but the constitution is just a guiding document, changeable and not infallible.

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Renol Lustin says...

No, it shouldn't be 3 candidates for the second round.The constitution states clairly not 3; unless 2 candidates from the top 3 have the same amount of votes.Why change it now?

Something has been done

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Renel Mompremier In Orlando Fl says...

On ne peut plus continuer dans nos laideurs, nos betises socio-politiques.

Il est temps enfin de donner une chance a ce pays de pouvoir remonter la pente.

A mon humble avis, je crois que le seul candidat capable d'aider le pays a sortir dans le gouffre auquel il se trouve n'est autre que Mirlande Manigat.

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