Michel Martelly Haitian Flag Day Speech, 18 Mai 2011, Arcahaie Haiti

Listen to the speech by President Michel Martelly at Arcahaie on Haitian flag day, May 18 2011.

Raising The Haitian Flag, Arcahaie Haiti

President Martelly says...

"Let us remember our ancestors on this day, let us honor the blood of our forefathers who stood up 'Tet Kale' to say 'enough is enough... Liberte ou La Mort.. Republic D'Haiti'"

Listen and tell us what you think...

A message to those who expect Martelly to fail...

The Haitian president, at the end of his speech made a comment that there are many people who are praying that he fails...

"Do not pray that I fail," Martelly says, "my failures are your failures, your failures are Haiti's failures."

"Only in unity can we save this country... I ask you, the population to stand with us, I say US, because I am not alone. I have with me a legislative body and we will work together to bring you results."

"Let us stop our old quarrels, unjustified, let us stand together to rebuild our country..."


What do you think about the Speech?

What part of the Martelly Flag Day speech did you like the best?

Reply with your comments

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All Comments (10)

Paulette says...

I am extremely proud my president's speech.

Outstanding work.Keep it up!!!! May God bless Haiti and Michel

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Gregory Saint-louis says...

I agree with President Michel Martelly.

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Onormil says...

I really love that when us ayisyen say yes he can yes we can yes ayiti can be, our flag wrap around our body and proud of it, yes love the speech good job Mr

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Jean Mirville says...

Well said my president.


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Patricia says...

Well said; thank you once again Mr president for reminded all of us that "votre echec, c'est notre echec, notre echec, c'est l'echec D'Haiti, et l'echec D'Haiti c'est l'echec du drapeau".I hope we all take notes from that speech and reflect on each words.That's speech give me more desire and strengh to pray for him and Haiti everyday.God bless Haiti and the

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Tidjo says...

li pa betbet, lap mache ak peuple la. tout sa ki soti nan bouche President an se yon espwa pour peuple.

President no matter what, we love

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I like that, well done my president.

Keep up the good work.
God bless

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Garry Destin says...

Yes, great speech and well

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Peterson Decius says...

it was a good speech well confident about he wants to achieve i believe he might do some thing for haiti but he needs help from his colleague so let see what going to

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Ben says...

I think the President did a much better job today then in his inaugural speech.

He called for unity to work together for rebuilding the nation.

He set his goal (the four E's ), calling the legislative to work together with he executive.

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