Martelly's First Year In Office. Pass or Fail?

It's been one year since Michel Martelly became the president of Haiti. How is Haiti doing?

President Michel Martelly And Haiti Police Chief Mario Andresol

Would you give the president a PASS or FAIL grade for his first year in office?

I just read an article on the Miami Herald with the title "Haiti's President Martelly ends 1st year in office with a mixed record." It is a long text with lots of mixed emotions like the title says.

Yesterday there was an Op-ed in the Herald that ended with this statement.

"His political capital won't last long, however, unless Mr. Martelly changes course. Otherwise, Haitians will become disillusioned and Mr. Martelly will be seen as another failed leader in the tradition of Jean-Bertrand Aristide who never lived up to expectations." (read it here)

Question: In YOUR opinion... Your opinion... Did Martelly PASS or FAIL in his first year in office?

Why? Why not?

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Patrick says...

Wait a minite the name Rodriguez is Hisspanik.

evrybaudy know the Hisspanik are thifin all over the world so matelli beter wachout for you becose you have long

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Rodriguez says...


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Eve Lebron says...

I think it's too early in the game for anyone to start talking about grading President Michel Martelly, because he had inherited a corrupted and devastating country which right now does not need criticism from both the left nor the right.

He is mandated to serve 5 years in power, without any interruption from our corrupted government which was under president Rene Preval and other previous government who love to sell our land to people who does not have our interest at heart.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bernadette,"Thinking on a different wavelength is the key".

Thank you, this is the exact meaning of my message.

Toulimen Legrand as great thinker always boosting my meanings whenever i miss used my words to explain

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Bernadette says...

Jean Pierre, I think there is a misunderstanding about the word thinking outside of the box meaning thinking on a different level, thinking differently from others on the same subject, thinking innovative whether or not others are in the same "boat" as you are. Thinking on a different wavelength is the

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

All, does it make a difference?

Well, i don't think so.
Do you know why?

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All says...

Jean Pierre
Martelli could have been a good president if he was like aristide to send people in the street to give pere lubrun.

this is the first time since duvalier leave the power that the country is breathing another good air. you want the country to stay the same way it was before or you want to put him down so you can go in the street stealling as well as killing people .Please my brother give the country a chance to breath.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bro Monel, don't bother with him, more important things lays in front of us to deal with.
Things are so degenerate in Haiti right now, it's not funny.

I believe we don't need to spend time with Martelly arguments, this is my point of

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Monel says...

Hey Thomas Valcin, I never see you posted any-info on this blog, the first time I've seen you posted, Martelly has been flattered by you.
What information you have?

Where you got them?this is the first time you see me on that blog, I advise you to waste a little bit time to find out about me on that

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Thomas Valcin says...

Jean pierre why you'r so upset, sorry, i didn't know your vote went against mr Lamothe, i wouldn't try get you more upset, IT'S OK, GO HEAD TAKE YOUR ANGER ON ME, one eye bastard, you can only see one

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