Martelly Third Haiti Prime Minister Choice - Garry Conille

IT'S OFFICIAL.. Haiti President Michel Martelly picked Garry Conille as his third nominee for the post of Prime Minister of Haiti. Who is Garry Conille? What is his link to Bill Clinton? Is he eligible?

Garry Conille

Garry Conille is a former chief of staff for U.S. President Bill Clinton in his position as the U.N. special envoy for Haiti. Conille holds a master's degree from the University of North Carolina and a doctorate from the State University of Haiti.

Is Conille Eligible?
Well... There is one little problem...

Garry Conille has not lived in Haiti for five consecutive years and according to article 157-5 of the Haitian constitution, "To be appointed Prime Minister, a person must have resided in the country for five (5) consecutive years."

The five year constitutional roadblock...

In a message posted a couple of days ago on BelPolitik, Mac Handal says: "The Diaspora hopes the re-incorporation of all Haitians in Haitian affairs. The manipulated Haitian constitution of 1986 has excluded of many Haitian citizens."

Well... As they say...
La loi est dur mais la loi c'est la loi!

What if "La Loi" is retarding progress?

The associated press says that Garry Conille "could meet opposition as he goes before parliament for approval."


Will Garry Conille be aproved or will be be rejected?

I am sure President Martelly is aware of the "five year" thing... so why did he pick Garry Conille?


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Jean Paul D. A Journalist Press Investigation Overseas says...

Dear brothers and Sisters
Thank you so much to allowing me to listen my, sopion concern my country, s situation I think they make pretty good job, I appreciate it, praying surpport for our people overthere
Best regards,
Jean paul

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Yvon Desulme says...

President Aristide brought the troops in Haiti.

President would be very stupide to send them home without replacing them with something

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Wapsuiv says...

I see your point Patricia.

By the way, can any one tell me what Anacacis or any ot the other senators have voted that made sense for the advancement and betterment of the people.

There is also the consitutional idea that someone must reside in the country for 5 years to be eligible to hold certain political offices.

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Patricia says...

Mr Anacacis said: he's not going to vote to ratify Dr Garry Conille because of the constitution.

My question to him is what the constitution said:regarding the foreign Army that have been in the land for years and they are raping young girls and boys?.So many people die with the cholera, and thousands of them infected with the virus.What he is going to do about that?

I need an answer as soon as possible thank

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E. Reyme says...

Let try not to be too partisan.

None of us can be proud of what our leaders did to our country.They were all robbers for the most...

Duvaliers as well as Aristide and Preval were from the same gang.They were the same with only one difference.

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Wilky says...

Haitian remimber the only goog times we had in the country was under a strong man name Duvalier, some say dictator i say strong man.look at the history of our country Haiti we are experiencing good time only Duvalier times before him and after him there are noones yet give us the respect we had when PaPa Doct and Babe Doct. Can anybady give me the name of one hwo did any better than them those senators and the deputies they are there for a long times what have they done lately.

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Bily says...

Hey ! you wrong negga, sak few pa di se bon ayisyen pa bon menm, dim ki enpotans sa gen la non man?

these five years?

nan etap ke ayiti rive la, ou panse sin pa fe yon jan ak li se pi mal lap pi mal, gen

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E. Reyme says...

Brother, a country cannot be ruled based on what you just said.The constitution must be respected...

We got Duvalier, Aristide, and preval, all dictators because they did not apply the principles of people's constitution.

If Martelly misses this very first opportunity, we anticipate a dictatorship in Haiti.

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Wapsuip says...

what r u talking about
read ur statetment again

Slove Says...

se espre Martthelly ap fe` wi ...

l'ap chwazi wrong person pou li ka bay se pa gen Gouvenman pote chay.

Read and think some more than you can have something to say. You can do much better than that

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Patricia says...

Friends, I need to know did anyone of you checked if Mr Jean-Max Bellerive have a double nationality or did he live in Haiti for five consecutive years before he was ratified as a Prime Minister?.Another point I need to make we can desagree on all the issues regarding Haiti, but we still have to respect each other opinion.For you to called your brothers or your sisters stupid just because they have a different opinion that is really unacceptable.

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