Manifestation in Haiti - Yet another Anti-Martelly protest dispersed by police

Haitian police has dispersed yet another anti-Martelly protest in Port-au-Prince Haiti tuesday, 10 June 2014, heading for the National Palace....

The protest organised by the Haiti's political opposition groups including MOPOD and FOPARC had the same objective: To force President Martelly out offfice, and the same destination: To reach the gorunds of the National Palace.

I really want this to sound like news to you but I honestly don't know how else to tell you that there is a group of people in Haiti who want to force a democratically elected president out of office.

What do you think about this?

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Garry Desgin says...

who ever is behind this has a problem.

He has that right but destruction of government property should be a serious

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Loudie Sou Facebook says...

Yo dwe ba yo baton.

paske President Martelly ap fe netwaaj nan peyi a yo menm yap vin mete dife devan pale a pou sal lari a anko. boule kaotchou pap chanje peyi a, se kraze lap kraze wout yo. tout moun ka mete dife, boule kaotchou nan lari a te sipoze paye amand, pran prizon paske se peyi yap detwi le yap fe

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Marie A Salomon says...

What is wrong with these people?

We are working on so many different projects to move the country forward and they r trying to mess them up. Enough is

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Haiti Nouvel Kreyol says...

Manifestation jodi a manke pa soti, lite preske midi edmi manifesation am paka deplase, bann rara pa touche, manifestation pat ka deplase.

te gen difikilte pou moun yo deplase e leader yo pat ka bay yon eksplikasion.

E menm nan momam deplase a yo pat fin klè tou sou ki direction yo tap pran, Depute Arnel Belizaire te oblije tire anlè pou di men ki kote-m ye, an nou swiv mwen.

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Stef says...

That's good he needs to

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Patrick Princivil says...

They do what they know.

Président Martelly should make a report to Obama and O.N.G; They chose him they have to support him; you know US's weakness already: just wait for that kind of problem like that happen in Haïti just to remove our best Président they will be able to enter in Haïti with power to search for gold etc LaFrance left under the earth of Haïti in the operation of cut off heads and burning houses.

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John says...

se le pou Pres. Martelly dit ke gwoup sa yo se

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Jocelyne says...

If they have something to do they are not going to the street.

They have nothing to do, for them it is normal.

You know Martelly is not going anywhere, he has to finish what he is

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