Maitre Andre Michel Arrested in Haiti - Panic erupts in Port-au-Prince

BREAKING NEWS... Port-au-Prince Haiti is presently in a state of Panic due to the arrest of Maitre (Attorney) Andre Michel, a known opponent of President Michel Martelly and his administration. There is no word as to why he was arrested but there was a warrant for his arrest...

maitre andre michel

Over the past few hours since his arrest, the Haitian side of social media networks network has been lit up with comments regarding his arrest...

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Haitian senator Moise Jean-Charles was on Radio Caraibes FM stating that Attorney Andre Michel was arrested after 6:00PM, something, he says, is against Haitian laws.

The latest news confirms there there are protest in Martissant, Fontamara and Cite Letenel.

Earlier, Radio Caraibes FM confirms shots fires near the Faculte d'Ethnoloty in Port-au-Prince.

There was lots of commotion in outside the Comissariat de Port-au-Prince. Apparently the media wanted to enter to interview the attorney and authorities would not let them in.

The big deal is not about Andre Michel being arrested per see but rather at time which he was arrested... after 6PM...

Stay tuned...

Kisa-w tande? Kisa-w konnen? kisa-w panse?

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Subject: Maitre Andre Michel Arrested in Haiti - Panic erupts in Port-au-Prince edit

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