Lucie Tondreau SUSPENDED as Mayor of North Miami Florida

UPDATE - Florida Governor Rick Scott suspended Haitian-American North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau from office Tuesday afternoon hours after she was arrested by FBI for Mortgage Fraud and appeared in court to face the charges... Many Haitians in the diaspora were wondering if Lucy Tondreau would be able to continue her functions as mayor of North Miami... Here's your answer...

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in Handcuffs

Bail was set at $50,000... Lucy Tondreau was released from federal custody Tuesday afternoon, still maintaining her innocence.

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"I'm innocent," Tondreau said, "and I'm sure my attorneys, my community will be with me."

According to CBS Miami, Lucie Tondreau was ordered to surrender her passport and report to pre-trial services. Her bond was co-signed by her daughter. Her travel is restricted to the Southern District of Florida and she is not allowed to have contact with anyone in this case.

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The federal judge also imposed an 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew for her at her North Miami home. She will have an arraignment at 10 a.m. on May 30th.

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John says...

Men se pa Haitien nan North Miami pa fe manifestasyon ki mirak!

Jan ayisien renmen fe manifestasyon pou nenpòt ti krik ti krak.

Mwen panse yo te ka fèl pou majistra yo a, kisa yo pè la?


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Chantal Craan says...

She tries to extend North Miami and be productive...

Why do people speculate so much about her?

Sa se ayisien pwop...

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