LOOK: Exclusive Photos of Aristide on the Plane Back to Haiti

President Aristide is very HAPPY on board his flight to Haiti after seven years in exil... He is placing his FRITAY order depi nan avion an.... LOL...

President Aristide on the Plane Back To Haiti

Wiiiii... 15 Goud Taso... 10 goud bannann... Anpil Pikliz....

Look at this picture of President Aristide on the plane

Although president Aristide looks like this is the greatest day of his life, his wife Mildred is not so sure...

Look at this photo of the couple on the plane!

There is a comment posted by 'Napsuiv' on the message board that says "I have to see it to believe it!"

Well... is that enough to convince you?

Aristide is coming LOL....

Thanks, Kiki, for the pictures...

Former Presidents and Chiefs of State of Haiti   PHOTO - Oriel Jean   Jean-Bertrand Aristide Sezi...   President Aristide Crying - Gade Aristide k-ap Kriye   Titid = Lape, Aristide Means Peace   Arnel Belizaire & Jean Bertrand Aristide   Jean Bertrand Aristide and Nelson Mandela   President Martelly Meets Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide  

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Tomy says...

Josy, thank you very muych, i though i was the only one who saw that look on her face, not a happy

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Alex says...

Prezidan Aristid welcome back in your country with your brothers in sister every one .bon banm diw yon ti bagay sergo jean poukisa ou pa al cheche yon ti kotew grate moudaw olye wap pale mately mal pandan wap pale de pou diplom pase a ou bliye si se ou menm ak group etudian zanmiw yo ki tal pran 50 dola nan men group 184 pou nou te voye Aristid ale kounye a ou vle
change bo nou kon nenw nou pap pran nan maniget sa fo etudian
Prezidan Aristid welcome back we love you epi ansanm ansanm nap leve haiti
Michel Martelly Prezidan.Mr(Prezidan) Aristid ministre Education.Bon bagay

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Josy says...

She looks like a battered wife, and emotional abuse can be worst.

She knows his return right before the election is wrong, but cannot challenged him and is unhappy.

I heard a story where he killed her dog, and warned her of the same faith if she ever disobeyed him. The woman is a prisoner, and is trapped.

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Sergo Jean says...

Men bagay la gason mwen, nou cheche cont trop, coq calite a pral nan batay.

Group Ninja yo pral pran rac, paske Dr. Aristid pral panse malad yo epi tout pouchis pral maron, pou bay le pou diplom fe rout li. vagabon al met pantalon ou pa desan sa sou mounn pou cob.ou doue chita Lecol pou apran .Men bagay la fos fenoi pral cheche cote pou met ko l .Welcome back

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Cj says...

This is the worst news you have ever put out there Wood. I am sick to my stomach.

Aristide is a no heart, selfish fool I ever know about.

For the love of God and my beloved country Haiti...For those who currently living in Haiti, continue to believe in God....this too shall past. yon mounn a mete yon bal nan lestomak nan non

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Storly says...

Byenvini nan peyiw Prezidan TITID peyiw se pou ou woule woule w janw vlepep ayisyen tap soufri anpil men kounya nou santi nap viv paske wap tounen lakay ou. Mwen swete ou fe tout moun ki panse ou pral foure bouch ou nan kesyon eleksyon pou Titid nou renmen kom ou di wap vin bay kout fouch nan edikasyon nou espere ou koman nan nodes pouw ta ouve yon kanmpus iniveste tou tankou taba yon lot fwa anko byenvini Titid lavalaseman yon sel nou feb ansanm nou fo ansanm ansanm nou se

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Fear says...

Menl anle ya lap rele machann fritay la wi...twa bannann peze 10 goud

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