Lavalas Heavyweight "So Anne" Endorses Yves Cristalin For President of Haiti

Annette Auguste aka "So Anne" is throwing her LAVALAS heavy weight behind the presidential candidacy of Yves Cristalin, the former Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Haiti.

When it comes to Fanmi Lavalas and politics in Haiti, Annette 'So Anne' Auguste is a powerful voice, a political activist, Haiti's most popular grandmother, and deemed very close to former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Radio Kiskeya reports...

There was a meeting yesterday at So Anne's house with some key elements of the "cellule de reflexion des organisations populaires de base de Fanmi Lavalas" who came to swear allegiance to former Minister of Social Affairs, Yves Cristalin, presented as the future President of Haiti who will bring back Aristide.

Online, the media is spelling Yves Cristalin's name in all sorts of ways... Christalin... Cristallin... But his supporters in Haiti use this simple campaign slogan...

"Kris Kapab!"

What do you say?

Do you believe that, in this year's Haiti elections, a candidate endorsed by Fanmi Lavalas can win the presidency?

Reply with your comments.

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Duplan Fils-aime says...

are you talking about the so anne that i know?

stop fooling

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Bloobloo says...

our constitution so stupid before judging me read this. this dude can be burn in another country what so ever if he didn't choose the nationality where he were burn ounce his parent are Haitian he's Haitian automatically also by the way i don't trust none of them cause they only want to be president just for the money one question you'll need to ask why now everyone want to be PRESIDENT why not before, now all they see is their pocket but no body speak an the behalf of those innocent people that dieing under this flood out

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Negbelair says...

yes my brother keep on searching and I will keep on doing the same thing until we get some answers about this guy cause something fishy is going on here. I do not believe for one minute this guy is 100% Haitian and if he's not that's bull sh at %$&t and we no longer have a country we might as well stay right where we are. My wife is from Trinidad and Tobago and if that's what they're going to start doing in Haiti letting foreigners run the country, I am moving to my wife's Island at least I'll know where I stand.

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Mackson says...

my brother i am 100% with you iam also a so call diaspora i can't vote and this guys that they call baker pretent that he is haitian just to run for president as you can see everyone can run for the place once you are not against the actual government, just like you i would like to get some

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Rev. Gerard Charlestin says...

I believe Cristalin will win the election, because they trust

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Negbelair says...

this guy Charles Henry Baker is he haitian?

I am just curious.

If so witch one of his parents is Haitian most likely his father cause Baker is not French, the reason why I am asking is because I thought to be considered Haitian one has to be born to one or two Haitian parents Basicly one is Haitian by blood not by land according to the Haitian constitution.

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Tomy says...



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Eric And Maggie says...

How can Haiti have a president who does not have the support of the largest politcal party in the country - fanmi Lavalas.

So Anne knows what is needed for the

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Youseline Pierre Simon says...

bagay lavalas sa have to go. lavalas la se te yon slogan pou yon president sa pa vle di tout ki pral president haiti se pou yo lavalas.

se mem jan ak Obama se yon slogan yes we can. afe nou besoin yon lavalas president pou retounin aristid nan pouvoua sa se boule

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