Kenneth Merten Compares Haiti Recovery To NYC World Trade Center

US Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten says the Haiti Reconstruction will take years to complete comparing the pace of the recovery to that of the New York City World Trade Center which was destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attract.

Kenneth Merten, Haiti Earthquake, CNN

The twin towers of the World Trade Center came down on September 11 2001 and the it is still being rebuilt. The Haiti earthquake of January 12 2012 devastated Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Leogane, and other surrounding cities. It killed more than 200,000 people and left over one million people homeless.

Let's not forget about the cholera epidemic after the earthquake that Haiti is also trying to recover from.

The Good News... Reconstruction is happening, Keneth Mertin says...

"There are a lot of actors on the ground in Haiti coordinating everybody's work, It's not an easy task, but reconstruction is happening and I think we have to keep pushing and make sure it happens as fast as possible."

Voice or America reports...

The ambassador says the reconstruction has been complicated by problems with Haiti's infrastructure, which was in poor condition before the disaster, and a "limited capacity of government," as many officials were killed in the earthquake. He also noted the surprise resignation last month of Prime Minister Garry Conille after just four months in his post.

Do you agree with Ambassador Mertin?

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Monel says...

After the tragic-comedy did at the national palace the 8th March ago, it looks like ambassador Kenneth Merten aka tonton bisha or Jessifra loose his mind or someone who got Alzheimer attack.

I couldn't imagine he compares the world trade center attacked with our disaster with 300.000 death and a capital entirely destroy.

That comparison has been shown to us the way Kenneth Merten is happy about the 8th March's deal on the Haitian people's back, to intervene in the Haitian affairs..

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Jean Michel Archer says...

What you said makes a lot of sense to me Bernadette.

It is factual and no nonsense.

I agree with you 100%.

The comparisons were lopsided.

Let us give Marten credits for trying to give us his opinion just as the

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Natasha says...

Now it is official; Jean Pierre Alexandre conceded that he is a crackhead.

This alone explains why he is a Michel Martelly

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Etienne says...

I am not sure about the comparison of Haiti's earthquake disaster to that of the world trade center but I know that it will take some times for the recontruction projects in Haiti to be completed.

Now if only the "EGOs" in the legistlative branch would stop fussing about every little irrelevant things, maybe things will move a lot

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I don't get it, it's a joke?

Maybe he was under the influence of illegal substance.

Please, can someone pass me the crack pipe, i want to see if i can see what he mean by

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Bernadette says...

The only similarity is that they are both grand-scale disasters albeit one is man made and the other one is natural, but everything else falls short.

Human casualty in Haiti was about 300,000 people as opposed to NYC's 3,000.
World Trade Center reconstruction was stunted because a conscious political and social choice was made as to NOT rebuild the Twin Towers out of respect for the relatives of the dead

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Agent-x says...

Ambassador Kenneth Merten's statement is factual, objective and well said. However, Ambassador Merten should have the sincerity to tell the Haitian people where president Rene Garcia Preval was hiding hours after after the earthquake during which no one was minding the store.

Some claims that he was at the US

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Mm says...

Are you surprised?

Ce qui est arrive aux gens la-bas...est enorme.

C'est comme foutre une

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