Jovenel's Haiti Political Crisis - Will dialogue work?

The same opposition against then Candidate Jovenel Moise who fought hard to prevent him from becoming president is the same opposition who now wants him to RACHE his MANYOK now that he is president. QUESTION: Will dialogue work???

PHOTO: Haiti - President Jovenel Moise and Moise Jean Charles Shaking Hands...

When someone wants nothing more than for you to disapear out of the picture will dialogue work?

Moise Jean Charles doesn't even get along with the opposition. We all know what he wants. Do you think President Jovenel Moise can sit down and reason with him?

I would love to hear your opinion on this subject.

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Jonas says...

Crisis,what crisis?a Democratic elected president by the people...

Crisis, what crisis?a Democratic elected president by the people who proposed his budget to both parliament, voted and ratified, and even make some concessions to the budget.

If you are in the opposition that's great, the party power place needs some checks and balances nothing wrong with that, if you do not like the budget good for you, start your campaign early before the next elections, make sure you let people know that this budget is not in their favor, present them your own version, let the party in place does his job, failure or success, if you care so much for the Haitian people, hire some watchdogs to watch for corruptions.You can do that without pertubating public peace by burning tires all over the country, killing the same people you say you care about, if you are an hyprocrite try acting with civility, otherwise you will lose your respect, anyone competent with a clear mental sate will see who these politicians are, they dishonest with the people, they use analphabetism as a tool for political maneuver, they have no shame .SAD


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