Journalist complains Haitian Senators spend too much time on foreign soil

A Haitian journalist raises the questions about the excessive number of Haitian Senators who are leaving the country to spend time abroad. The number is alarming and the length of time they are staying on foreign soil is even more alarming.

Senators of the Republic
Senators of the Republic

If the Senate of the Republic of Haiti sits permanently then why are some Haitian senators leaving the country for days and weeks at a time?

"Are these Haitian senators on a mission for Haiti?" Journalist Presimon Jean Marco of Radio SCOOP FM asks in the weekly political program Haiti Debat.

"It doesn't makes sense for 10 Haitian senators out of 28, or 29, total senators to be out of the country at one time, he said.

The Haitian senate is operating with two Haitian Senators missing in action. Do you know who they are?

"Many of these Haitians senators have homes abroad, many of them have their wife and kids living abroad.

Journalits Marco said: when a man is a "chèf" (high ranking government official) in Haiti, they have 2 countries, Haiti and a foreign country. They make sure their wife gets a job as a diplomat on a foreign country so their children can go to school on foreign soil.

The Haitian media talks about that a lot: the fact that Haitians who have been elected to decide for the people of Haiti, their wives and children living abroad. What reason do they have to make Haiti better?

What do you think about that?

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Fred says...

I honestly believe a great majority of the politicians don't have Haiti in mind, and they never will. What they're doing that's exactly why they ran for office.

In fact, most of these politicians have a similar mission with Satan --still, kill, and destroy.

I am so optimistic about the new

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