It's Been 2 Hours And Still... No Haiti Election Results

The climate in Haiti is calm, there are virtually no cars on the roads, the people are sitting at home tuned to their radio waiting for the results of the Presidential results but still... No results...

In Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Hinche, St-Marc, it's the same....

Since 6pm, lari a blansh, the reporters are saying.

The CEP said they would release the results at 6pm, it is now 8:13pm and we are still waiting.

Haiti radio websites are overloaded with traffic, Haitians all over the world are trying to to tune in to find out what will happen today.

This is a real suspense in what some of the foreign media is calling the most important presidential election in Haitian history

So we wait...

Rete branche... as soon as we hear something we will let you know.

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Vladimir says...

Jude Celestin is better vote 4 him right now.Mrs Manigat too oldest to be president in

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Emerla says...

Its crazy that Jude Celestin is involved, Ayiti non cho, how is this possible when he only got 12 percent of the votes! I hope Haiti is ready for the consequences.

Martelly should have asked for a recount instead of witdrawing his plea becuz he was in the lead! Haitians better vote for Manigat

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Gaston says...

Anpa Dumel ap pale koulye

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