It's a Teenage Haitian Boy MINUSTAH Soliers Raped

Yesterday I told you about video circulating on the internet showing the violent rape of a Haitian teanager... The rape victim a HE... Raped by MINUSTAH SHE men...

MINUSTAH - Rape in Haiti

Watch the shocking video here...

You often hear of young men being raped in prision... but for something like this to be happening within the wall of a respected institution like the United Nations, it makes you think don't it???


PHOTO: Haiti Peacekeeping Mission - MINUSTAH lowers its flag on Haiti, this mission is over   PHOTO: Closing ceremony of MINUSTAH in Haiti   Haitien, MINUSTAH Ale, MINUSTAH Resi Kite Peyi a...   PHOTO: Haiti - MINUSTAH ap travay... LOL...   MINUSTAH Rèd Kon Ke Makak   MINUSTAH - Rape in Haiti   Colonel Bernard Ouellette   Shayne Gilbert  

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Toll says...

What are they doing in the country?

I think it is time to leave.

They should change their status from military to builders of infrastructure that Haiti need now if they have to

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Marie Elie says...

oh bondye.

bagay sa yo bay cholera kounye yo beswen pou yo fe massi sa ce trop paske yo konin si yo fe bagay sa nan peyi yo yap tombe nantrouboum dans ce cas yal pase rag massi yo nan haitien.

mais haitien yo or parent ti haitien an pa revolte mwen tap fe minustha sa mache avek koukouk li nan mim li e pi chak midi tapan li tap pran koulouk li pou li frappe li avek yon grwo roch juska ce ke li mouri avek soufrans paske mwen

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Kerlando says...

neg sa yo pa ta dwe nan pays a anko, m panse nou gen trop preuves devant nou pou nou pa ta tolere malonet sa yo nan pays

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Subject: It's a Teenage Haitian Boy MINUSTAH Soliers Raped edit

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