It Will Take Haiti 30 Years to Climb to Middle-Income Status

A top U.S. Official said that it will take Haiti 30 years to become a middle income country on par with its Caribbean island neighbor, the Dominican Republic.

Haiti Open For Business

That's according to an article released by the associated press. You can read it .

In case you're curious...

The irony...

I also read on the same article that 40 years ago, Haiti was slightly ahead of the Dominican Republic economically. Imagine if we kept on moving forward.

30 years???
let me see... FIVE governments... ZERO coup d'Etats...
Well well... I might still be alive to see it...
Si granmèt la vle.. kòm Carl Frombrun toujou di!


Haiti... Devan!

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Margarita says...

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Miejo says...

We need to educate the nation and the children.

We must, like it used to say "an slave educate will not accept his situation" so it will not take long to educate the 10million haitians.

when there is a will there is a way. I am sure before I say good buy because I will not be here in 30 more years, Haiti shall over come anddddd yes we Can that my

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Rodriguez says...


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Monel says...

I desagree with this topic which said it will take Haiti 30 years to climb to middle-income status.

We need 30 years to change the mindset of haitian people, no matter where they are.
After that we can advance a certains times to get haiti in that level.

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Generese says...

Who he this men I don't know who's Adams they only criticize that is the only thing they can do nothing

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Harold Fleurine says...

How about the gold they been found in haiti, can i get more information about that..Thank you.

After Marthelly 5 years of president of haiti, the nezt president will be 5 more years another one for 5 more years
haiti will be on their feet no matter what they say.We just need space, word /highway not impass and big industriels area to

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Bernadette says...

Woody, we can get there in 30 years if we truly are conscientious about every step we take to get there.

We also must take into account natural disasters of which we have no control over. 30 years will account to about two new generations.

If those new social programs are real, they can provide meals and free schools to these young folks.

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Fritz Petion says...

mwen profite moman sa pou m di mesi pou tout bel nouvel andik d, haiti .ou met toujou kontinie infome mesi du bon travay .sete zanmi w fritz ...lea amis de

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Magela Amonbien says...

Seulement et only if...pas de coup

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