IT IS OFFICIAL - Jude Celestin Is OUT Of The Haiti electoral race

Haiti Election 2010 - INITE Party Candidate Jude Celestin It calling it quits. Officials of the INITE political party have said in a press release that Haiti presidential candidate Jude Celestin has withdrawn from the electoral race.

Haiti Elecition 2010 Jude Celestin Campain

What exactly does this mean?

For Jude Celestin?

For Rene Preval?

And for Haiti?

The press release dated today, Wednesday January 26, is signed by Senators Joseph Lambert, Kelly Bastien, Depute-Elect Levaillant Louis Young and Joseph Moliere.

They are all officials of the INITE party and they have all indicated that they are in consent with Jude Celestin's decision to withdraw from the race.

Radio metropole mentioned that JUDE Celestin himself DID NOT sign the press release

What do you think about this?

What will happen next?

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Ronald Altieri says...

The questions relating to the the Official Statement made in regard to Jude Celestin's withdrawal from the Presidential race by some Key Officials of the INITE party are:

1st- What exactly does this mean?

Answer: It means that the party is not yet United in their response; for, if they were unitied than all of them would stand behind Jude Celestin as he annouces to the world that he is withdrawing and why. Or, better yet Preval and Senator Joseph Lambert should have been by his sides as he announces this to the world.

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Henri-claude Saint-fleur says...

La Madeleine (France), le 27 janvier 2011

Les observateurs de

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Sergo, si pi gro bagay ou te kab di jodi-ya.
Neg sa yo, se neg san fontie, san manman, san peyi, san figi, san prestij, pitit zaka ki pa kon ronte.

Sa ki pi mal-la, yo aveg, yo soud et pi tou chin gin pi bon instin ke yo tout.
mrin ta boule tout tankou andwi.

paske let yon bagay pa bon se boule ou boule sa pou li pa kose contamine lot

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Yogaye says...

I agree with you Gerry!

It's not official.

But it will be on Feb 7th when Preval, standing with Dorsinvil and Opont and Celestin holding the microphone for him as he says my boy Jude will always be the president of my company.

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10kod says...

M'paguin choi avek sa map fai'a preval dim pa signin justan pa guin yon garanti ke yo pap pren kay moin miami.

Minsami, m'apren yon bagay trezimportan nan min 8 dam moin yo NAN POIN YON FEMM KI PA RINMIN YON TET KALE SAN MOUSTACH sa se 10 sur 10 tet

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Gerry says...

You say, it's official.

Was the note notarised and signed by the candidate Mr. Jude Celestin?

I think this is required.

It's just a

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Sergo Jean says...

This mean Haiti pat gen mounn cap dirije l, se ront pou tout pep la, peyi a, Presidan Preval, Jude Celestin, avec tout group mafia e dile drog sa yo, ki decend societe nou an avec tout vale e prestij ligen yen anba pie peyi etranje pou visas lot peyi cote yal cache cob pou fanmi yo. Haiti se yon peyi an 1804 kite canpe an face peyi sa yo pou montre vale Humen e neg noir yo et an 2010 group mafia vole sa yo decend e craze tout sa Dessalines, Toussaint,Capois Lamort, Duvalier et autres te fe pou nou pou montre ke nou se mounn.mwen souete pep Haitien an pran not epi dote peyi de yon lot Presidan ki conn Histoire de notre pays, pou ka fel fonctione selon la loua e respe pou tout citoyen andan peyi a e nan peyi lot bo dlo.mwen souete 2 candida sa yo ki rete nan cous electoral la di cleman sa yo pral fe si yo vin Prezidan peyi Haiti.

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Patricia says...

Unity is a divided party, because Celestin did not sign the realease press and he still working with his lawyers to contest the result.

I can not wait to hear all the juicy he have on Preval and Mrs Manigat, because he is not going down just like that.jan yo toujou di nan lang pa-m nap si-b ah ah

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Will Smith says...

Haitian presidential candidate Jude

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