Question: Is Martelly handling the Haiti-Dominican Crisis very well?

There are those who criticize the Martelly administration for not handling the Haitian-Dominican denationalization crisis very well. There are others who say President Martelly and his team could not handle it any other way since it is in fact a Dominican problem that unfortunately involves Dominicans of Haitian decent... QUESTION: If you were in Martelly's shoes, how would you handle it?

President Martelly Ki ap Kondi

Since the Dominican Republic began their campaign of denationalizing Dominicans of Haitian descent, those who oppose Martelly have been criticizing how he is handling the situation.

They say that the international community keeps pronouncing itself in the crisis and the Martelly administration is saying nothing...

Kedlair Augustin and Lucien Jura, respectively spokesmen of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and the president Martelly recently spoke on Radio Caraibes FM's show Ramasse, saying that it is by choice and strategy that the administration had preferred to bring the case in front of international bodies instead of entering into a bilateral dialogue [with the Dominican Republic] that was often fatal to the country in the past.

I am sure there are those who would prefer that Haiti engages itself in a showdown with the Dominican Republic but how is that possible when DR has a lot of guns and we in Haiti, we only have mouths, fingers and rocks...

So let me ask you this question:

If you were in Martelly's shoes what would you do?

How would you handle it?

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Ruth says...

I believe that Haiti should have some kind of army/law inforcement In case something is to happy.

We must always be ready regardless if we are not promotin violence.

I don't see where all of the donated money is going to in

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Ti Lou says...

Yes, let the DR destroys themselves, they are kicking their people to the other side of the island.

I agree with you secure your

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Juan Carlos Ortiz says...

If I may comment on your blog Si Vous Plait...

The problem will always be there between both countries.

Haiti needs to rise with Internatiinal aid. Dominican Republic have their own issues to worry about rather spending time on another country's problems.

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Good Job says...

Unless Martelly is going to become Vladimir Putin in the case of Russia vs Georgia in 2008, then he handled it well. ALL Mr. Martelly needs to do is make sure he secure our borders so no Dominicans of whatever descent it may be enters our country illegally.

The Dominican government is deporting its own citizens into Haiti.

This is an international issue.

Let the Dominicans destroy

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

As I said in my last comment: DR has not violated any Haitian laws, but violated all international conventions, accords, rules, agreements, regulations, and laws. This is an international issue not a Haitian one. The victims of this racist, hitlerian rule just happened to be of Haitian

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Garry says...

Just play kool and let them destroy themselves.

2) can't fight right but soon enough will take over that country by

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Jacques Laine says...

While I am not at all an expert in international affairs, nor do I follow closely President Martelli's handling of the Haitian Dominican denationalization affair, I can't conceive of what he would have yielding, if he were to take sole ownership of that humongous international crisis upon his shoulders.

It is, indeed, a crisis of international proportion and I believe it's best that he creates a framework within the realm of the international community to apply pressure on the Dominican Republic to reconsider their position on the issue.

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Maryse says...

Thank you my friends is the proper way to ask about this situation.

For me president Martelly could've found a way to handle this crisis about those Haitians-Dominicains or Haitians who been killed for nothing in Santo Domingo.

He should let's us know what he been doing to ease the suffers cuz is not only the Haitians who lived there who suffer, is all of us all over the world.

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Achille says...

I totally agree with the president for handling this situation the way he did. Bringing the case to the international community was the right course of

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