Is an UNSTABLE Haiti GOOD for the Dominican Economy?

I asked a Haitian construction worker in the Dominican Republic why he thinks so much is happening to Haitians workers in DR these days. He replies: "I think they are putting preassure on us so we can rise up against Martelly... You know... Because of all the money they are loosing at the border, they blame Martelly and Lamothe for it..."

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic

"You think so?" I ask the man.

"I cant think of any other reason," he replies, "It's never been like this before!"

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I have accepted this as an expert opinion but... I will be honest... It did make me think...

What if there are people within the Dominican Government who see INSTABILITY in Haiti as "better for business?"

What if they were willing to invest in that idea? After all they are making billions in the Haiti-Dominican border as is, a border that the current government wants to restructure...

You ever think about that?

Is an UNSTABLE Haiti GOOD for the Dominican Economy?

Do you think they know that?

You think they might have an agenda regarding that?

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Ouvri Je Nou says...

Li le li tan, pou nou komanse jwe Polemik sa'a ke Repiblik Dominkenn ap jwe avek nou'a wi. Fok nou komanse pa panse prepare plas pou tout fre'n ak Se'n yo ke yo ta vle refize lotbo fontye'a, Anplis nou ka tou rezoud 2 pwoblem yon sel kou. Yo pa vle pep nou an, pandan ke yo gen kek avans sou Ayiti nan Pwodiksyon, Teknoloji, Edikasyon, Lasyans e Latriye.

Genyen Anpil Aysyen nan tout sekte lavi lan peyi yo'a ak gwo konpetans, sa reprezante yon opotinite daplon nan solisyon nou bezwen.

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Lazarre Haspyl says...

It may be true but they are feed on by the Haitians senators ansyen mare bourik pou

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Tonton Michel says...

Of course the DR benefits from this in fact we need to investigate Parliament to see who is on their

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Anthony Aristil says...

Il ne faut pas oublier que Haiti fut le berceau touristique des caraïbes. Avec l'instabilité qui existe depuis le depart du président Jean Claude Duvalier, les touristes ont choisi la Republique Domicaine.

Si Haiti redevient stable, il y a une bonne partie de la clientelle touristique domicaine qui va mettre le cap sur Haiti.

Cela risque de derranger l'industrie touristique

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