US Homeland Security Chief tell Haiti President Get Ready for Repatriation of Haitians with TPS

Jonh Kelly, The head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, made it very clear that the "T" in TPS for Haitians stands "Temporary" during a recent visit to Haiti.

Kelly told Haitian president Jovenel that eventually the 60,000 Haitians living with this Temporary protected status will have to go back to Haiti.

The humanitarian program that allowed these Haitians to remain in the United States following the Haiti earthquake was never meant to be permanent, Kelly said.

"The operative word in the law is 'temporary.' It's not meant to be an open-ended law, but a temporary law," he said at a news conference at the Haiti National Palace.

Many Haitians are hoping that TPS will keep extending indefinitely but that's not gonna happen.

What do you think about that?

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Cosme Perez says...

That "Temporary" may change to "Permanent".

It's been too long for temporary.

After 365 days uninterrupted stay in USA Territory, a person has the constitutional right to become a permanent resident and enentually, a citizen.

A processing system could determine how many of 60,000 Haitians

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Tontonbob says...

Dako anpil.

Yo fe anpil moun peye kob yo pou anyen.

Fuck yo. Bay ayisen viza yo oubyen bay yo kob

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Simpson Stfort says...

Haiti should ask them to get a visa to come to Haiti the same way Haitians have to have a visa to go to the US. The Haitian Government should forbid the Haitians from paying money they do not have for an expensive visa application that only 10% will be issued out of 1200 daily.

Pou Haiti ka pran swen de moun ke yap retounen bali yo se pou yo fe tout paye visa pou rantre Haiti menm jan Haisyen peye visa tout kote yo prale fo gouvenman ta defann Haisyen pou yo sispann peye yon paket kob pou visa aplikasyon ki tre che epi yo selman bay 10% nan 1200 aplikasyon pa

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Subject: US Homeland Security Chief tell Haiti President Get Ready for Repatriation of Haitians with TPS edit

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