Haiti Elections - Himmler Rebu predicts Martelly will FALL if there is an election

Himmler rebu predicts that Haitian president Michel Martelly will loose power sooner if there is an election in Haiti. His suggestion to the president: DO NOT hold the elections...

Haiti President Michel Martelly

Is it wise for the Haitian president to stall the elections? Himmler Rebu thinks it is...

In a radio program on Signal FM, The former Army colonel Himmler Rebu said that there is trouble ahead for President Martelly whether or not he holds the elections in Haiti but he will be in deeper trouble if he does hold the elections.

His explanations falls along this line: If there is an election in Haiti and the oposition wins, Martelly is in deep trouble. If pro-Martelly candidates win, he is in really deep trouble because the oposition will be screaming FRAUD. If there is no election in Haiti, Martelly will still be in trouble but this option will be the lesser of the three evils.

Is Himmler Rebu right or wromg in his prediction?

What do you think about this?

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

There you have our problems in Haiti: we do not have any respect for laws, rules, and regulations.

We only violate the laws or constitution to apply it?

Scheduled elections do not have anything to do with one's popularity or the lack thereof.

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Damebochie says...

I can see where Rebu is coming from. Nonetheless, Martelly has to hold elections because we are under a democratic system.

Now if Martelly can find some good reasons to postpone the elections, he can try. Either way, jwèt la ap mare pou li paske gen trop kokorat nan opposition an. Yo ap di se diktati si li pa fè eleksyon.

Quelle misère pour ce

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Jean says...

It will be better if Martelly party win the election because, either way, the political parties still gonna cry fraud cuz their are to many political parties in haiti.

In any case, I didn't like Martelly in the first place bcuz for me he was an immoral but wat he has done when he have the power, those i was believe on not even a comma on wat he done.

Even though human being never right but I prefer him to do bad then give power to those stupid philosophe dat put the country where it is

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Himmler Rebu predicts Martelly will FALL if there is an election edit

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