Hillary Clinton Says "Happy Independence Day Haiti"

A lot of us Haitians are so busy drinking our Soup Joumou that we sometimes forget that January 1 is also Haiti's Independence Day... US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not forget...

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton And Haiti President Elect Michel Martelly

I don't know if she celebrated our Haitian Independence Day with the commemorative Soup Joumou - The Haitian Soup Of FREEDOM but She did take to time to wish Haiti a Happy Birthday!

Here is an official Press Statement from Hillary Clinton...

From Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State, Washington, DC
January 1, 2012

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to congratulate the people of Haiti as you celebrate the 208th anniversary of your independence this January 1.

The story of Haitian independence is one of courage and resilience. The victory by L'Ouverture and others was an achievement by all Haitians, and it became a source of inspiration and pride in the Americas and around the world. Today, as you continue to rebuild from the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and give more Haitians the opportunity to realize their potential, we are reminded of this proud history of strength and unity. Time and again the people of Haiti have stood up against difficult odds to build a better future.

As you celebrate this special day with family, friends and loved ones, know that the United States is committed to your future as we work together to fulfill the promise of Haitian independence. Happy Independence Day and best wishes for a new year filled with peace and prosperity.

Awwwww... Isn't that sweet...

Thanks Hillary... On behalf of President Martelly (well... Unofficially! LOL)

QUESTION: What is your opinion about the letter by Secretary of State to the people of Haiti?

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Brian Andrew says...

Monel, brother, I am aware that the marines went to Haiti and ransacked the National Bank. If there is any kind of defense in this case at time of war, marines think they can do as they are pleased.

I am sorry Haiti got entangled in this sordid affair.

I have never said that our hands are clean because no country can claim itself an Empire with clean hands.

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Lunange Fleurant says...

Thanks Mrs. Clinton for taking the time to remember my country on Independence Day yes, I drink soup joumou that day I also pray for my country for the people that still recovering and for those that lose loves one two years ago.I see it is an opportunity for Haiti to start over not only for the roads, houses,business etc but for my Haitian people to start or to continue to have faith in our Lord He is the "ONLY" one that going to SAVE HAITI don't get me wrong all the money in the world is great for the country if they use it for HAITI but again "ONLY"GOD CAN SAVE HAITI.

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Monel says...

My bro Brian Andrew you have to refresh a little bit about your thoughts, before you're pointing fingers on somebody, you have to make sure your hands are clean.

Remember I told you in 1915 when united states took control Haiti, in the first hour your Marines gone to the National's Bank of Haiti took in three conteners all gold's reserve and all us money's reserve of Haiti, then since 1915 until now they digging all underground in Haiti all kinds of richest we have without doing nothing.why now you're pointing fingers on France.

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Brian Andrew says...

Monel, friend, William Clinton is in Haiti by his own initiatives.

The US government did not send him on any kind of mission.

Mr. Clinton's Foundation is a private non-profit agency.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bro Monel, you forget to say Venezuela give free oil to poor people in USA too.
The tri-states area benefit the donation of President

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Monel says...

No Brian Andrew, the Clinton not in Haiti to continue their benevolence.Clinton's represent the united states government.

I think bill Clinton doing good job for your government on Haiti's back. Clinton continue the same protocol on behalf of US American.

Where's the $4 milliards dollars given the countries all over the world to rebuild Haiti,2 years after not even the rubbles Clinton not take them out of the street.

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Brian Andrew says...

Don't worry about it. The Clintons might want to continue their benevolence with your country.

They can continue doing so on an individual level.

But, they will not be able to continue the same protocol on behalf of US. America will say good by very diplomatically to people who were ungrateful to it anyway.

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Deds says...

Thank you Mrs Hillary for the wishes.

I'm so optimistic that Haiti is going to do well with President Michel Matelly.

He Loves Haiti and Would like Haiti to go forward.

President Michel,
I wish you courage with this tough job!

Nay God bless you and guide you all the way through the

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Chantal says...

Bernadette, I heard of the tent people at Guantanamo Bay, is it as bad as they say it was?

The Cubans told them they wanted to come to America because they were searching for better opportunities.

I remember that is precisely the reason they sent Haitians back home because if you are looking for economic opportunities you are not qualified for a refuge status.they let the Cubans go through anyway and they don't send them back home under the disguise that they will be killed by Fidel Castro.

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Bernadette says...

Tiba, I worked as a "Mediator" at Guantanamo Bay Cuba while the Haitians and the Cubans were there together.

The Cubans had better shelter, better food and a whole lot of different treatment than the Haitians did. In court, I personally witnessed, that the Cubans admitted that they were looking for "better economic opportunities", while the Haitians were scrutinized very carefully before they could get that "Refugee" status.

Three out ten would make it daily.

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