Haiti's Electoral Council (CEP) Says The Elections Was A Success

Haiti's CEP president Gaillot Dorsinvil said that the general elections in Haiti was a success in a press conference yesterday evening after all the polls were closed.

Mr. Dorsainvil sait that the electoral operations occur normally and the election is a success despite the fact that 13 of the candidates are calling for it's cancellation.

What about all the fraudulent activities that was reported...

The CEP announced that they will cancel the election resulsts from 56 voting centers out of a total of 1,500 voting centers.

They estimated that only 56 of the voting centers (representing 3.5% of the vote) were affected by what everyone considers fraudulent or suspicious.


Do you think that the 13 candidates who called for the cacellation of yesterdays election will withdraw the call to cancel?

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Deleted says...

That would be nice, but it will never happen because yo tout se vole except for Martelly et Baker.

Those two should work cooperatively to move the country forward.

Jude Celestin needs to get arrested for fraud e poul bay kote li jwen kob li tap distribiye

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Marleine says...

Well said ..

If they all want to change Haiti they should all work together all as one and contribute their knowledge and ideas to save Haiti...

It is sad to see how we only make the news for negatives events

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Antonio says...

That was not complete

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

they should not only call for the cancellation of the election,,they should also unite to create a new and just government since they are tired of the usual and they want change,,so they should make the

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Chelton Charles says...

pou mwen se pa a la fin pou nou decide mete tet ansanm, si nou te fe sa 22 jou avan sak fet la jodia li pa tap ka

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J Wag says...

Well it is what it is and we know our people was going to trip so what's the surprise.

At least the elections went on and we had a process.

We are moving into a new direction and into a new generation so lets all stop tripping and get it done! Who ever wins lets support them and do things in our own part of Haiti to make things better.

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