Haitians on Social Media overly Negative towards Moise Jean Charles and his Movement against President Jovenel Moise

If the Pitit Desalin Leader, Moise Jean Charles, was relying solely on the Haitian Social Media Networks to push his movement against president Jovenel Moise, then he should quit while he is ahead because Haitians on Social Media strongly disapprove Moise Jean Charles and his movement.

Moise Jean Charles, ancien Candidat a la Presidence
Moise Jean Charles, ancien Candidat a la Presidence

Over the past few days, after news broke that the former Senator an opposition leader was fell sick and had to leave the country to seek medical attention, the majority of Haitians on social media were happy that the man is sick.

I hate to say it but some people wish him dead so Haiti can move forward.

I don't know where Moise Jean Charles his getting hi support from but I am 100% sure, it is not from the comment being made on social media because they are asking him to stop, literally.

Question: Should Moise Jean Charles continue to ask President Jovenel Moise to pack up his bags and leave the country (rashe manyok li bay teren an blansh) or should Moise Jean Charles quit asking?

What do you thin about that?

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Al says...

He should quit while he has a chance.

I understand he's the force of the opposition but he's not the judge to decide who stays and who's going.

He's disturbing the country more than anything

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Alexa says...

Moise Jean-Charles is as annoying as a bug (ravet).

And as dangerous.

Businesses, manufacturers, schools have to close because of their unruly behavior, he and the idiots who follow

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Bwa Sanfey says...

It is the norm in politics for a government to have an opposition.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with Moise Jn-Charles to be an

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Boispiro says...

Neg Moise Jean Charles, cà?

Loas l'Afrique Guinin yo, ayez pitié de ce

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Jackson Etienne says...

Moise Jean Charles is a cancer for the fragile democraty of Haiti Jovenel Moise was not elected by force he was constitutionally elected to the presidency of Haiti, people didnt think MOISE jean Charles was competent enough for that position so now he is using force to overthrow a constitutional president to steal a position that the majority of Haitian think he is not qualify

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Boispiro says...

That so called former Senator, should first go back to Primary School in Milot...That man is too much ...At the same time clear himself of the charges of having stolen a cow .In short, that man is 100 % an

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Yanick Florus says...

Moise Jean Charles should give up and leave President Jovenel alone to continue the wonderful work that he is doing for the country.

Président Jovenel God will continue to bless you and your family.

Five years.

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Ernst says...

Avek anpil rezon, misye vinn tre nwisib e tre destritif pou stabilite, pou sekurite ak ekonomi peyi a.

Min fok nou panse pi bien paske nou te deja an reta depi anvan tranbleman terre 12 janvye 2010 la, fok nou suspann kraze prop peyi

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Ronald says...

Moise jn Charles est considere pire que les matieres fecales, il est contre le changement du peuple haitien.

C'est pour cela je le hais parcequ'il hait aussi Jojo negre du Nord un

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Voltaire says...

Yo te sipoze pozitif pou yon nèg kap boule peyi'a?

Lè misye boule machinn ou wa

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Subject: Haitians on Social Media overly Negative towards Moise Jean Charles and his Movement against President Jovenel Moise edit

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