Haitian Senators have set out to seriously reduce their privileges

With Haitian Senators under a microscope these days and their lavish lifestyles in question, They have set out to reduce some of the privileges they are getting.

Senator Joseph Lambert - Who is Joseph Lambert?
Senator Joseph Lambert - Who is Joseph Lambert?

Following a conference of presidents, convened to the extraordinary on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, the Senate of the Republic, popular pressure obliges, decided to reconsider the decision taken by the same conference of presidents, the March 5, to grant an official residence to the Senate President Joseph Lambert.

Senator president Joseph Lambert said "large cuts will be made in the privileges granted to senators to avoid associating the privileges of the Senators to the situation of distress, misery and other things we are experiencing today. "

Here are some cuts you should expect from the Senators:

  • The Senate plans to eliminate phone recharge cards for senators and employees.
  • Inland travel expenses (frais de déplacement à l'intérieur du pays) will be eliminated.
  • The 1 million gourdes per senator disbursed in each Easter season will be eliminated, what Haitians famously fall "Ti lajan poisson an."
  • No more car rental for the Senate, ever, Joseph Lambert said.
  • Senator Lambert also talks about eliminating the millions that are disbursed to Senators in the summer time season.

President Lambert, announced that other arrangements will be made soon to try to re-brand the Haitian Senate perceived today as one of the main beasts of the budget of the Republic, Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste reported.

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What do you think about that?

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Neglakou says...

Sa a poko ase. Se Selman 40% nan tout sa palmante ak tout Haut Fonctionaire leta yo tap touche ki pou rete pou yo. Se pou retounen 60% nan kes leta a pou pep la pa dechouke yo tout. Pi bone yo fe sa, pi bon lap ye ni pou yo, ni pou peyi a. Pep souvren pa konn jwe non le lwa Desalin ni moute

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Dave says...

Tout sa rans, nou pa bezwen senatè depite nan peyi a ankor.

Se pou poch nou nap

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Denold says...

That's not enough, we want all the businesses to stop, the drugs dealers making decisions for whole

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