Haitian Senator Anacacis Will Vote NO for Conille as Prime Minister...

Haitian Senator Jean Hector Anacacis said publicly that he will vote against Garry Conille for Prime Minister of Haiti because choosing him is unconstitutional.

Haiti Senator Jean-Hector Anacacis

Senator Anacacis says that, according to article 157 of the Constitution of 1987 Gary Conille does not have five consecutive years of residence in Haiti.


Don't you think The Haitian Supreme Court needs to intervene and properly interpret this "five consecutive years of residence in Haiti" think because it is open to interpretation.

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Nancy St-juste says...

I don't beleive Michel Martelly actually said: Garry Conille Does Not Meet Residency requirement of the constitution...

But rather he said that we all know that Garry in is function as a UN official as not resided in Haiti the past five years.

According to the President's legal team. The United Nations as a threaty signed by Haiti, a funding member of the UN, witch allows his employees to keep the privileges link to there citizenship and there residency in there home contry.

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Monpremier says...

Unesco fe soti yon not ki di haiti se 10eme peyi ki gen moun ki pa konn li ak ekri se normal 16 senate sa yo se haitien anacasis se yon nan yo se pa

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Elizabeth says...

konstitition what. si nou tap mache toute bon ak kontitition nou pa tap gin palemamteur sa yo kap bay payi ya toute tet chage sa yo, alos,bay moun tet yo.zafe pou voye presiden an al li konstitition an sa se rans.pito w di m mesie o pe neg save. si mately te pran yon tet chat kom premie minis oo ta we si yo pa tap votel.bay moun tet yo ak konstitition w la, depi ki le n te sevi ak konstitition

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Grenadye16 says...

Because of the lack of competency.


He should verify the legacy of the man befor submitting him befor the parliarment.

If not this means be does not he care or know what he is

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Tiba says...

I don't understand why this article of the constipation applies to an "APPOINTED" official?

I really don't care what the constipation says. I just wanna know why this article applies to a post that is not an "ELECTED" position.

In that case, this article must apply to the entire cabinet staff because these are all appointed members as well.

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Ilera Harold Fleurine says...

The parliament was rejected the first two best men for the job, but now this one look like not so good but they have to do it anyway.

I ether not support GARY CONILE I don't think he know a lot about haitians

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Marleine says...

Them We have a big problem that s all I have to say..

Kibo nou prale la menm mwen ta renmen Konnin?

Pou na'p plede jwe nan yon peyi ki bezwen yon gouvernement solid epi na'p betize konsa...

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Jean Hector Anacacis, well i have news for you, i have a severe diarrhea since this morning.

I need the article 157 of the Haitian constitution of 1987 to wipe my A S S with it.
I need the 16 mouths of the Haitian parliament officials to S H I T like a

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John says...

Poukisa Mately pa vle choizi moun ke konstitision mandelmwen ta renmen konnen si mately pa janm li konstitision sa ke li vinn prezidan an bal, dapre mwen se poul al li konstitision an epi lap chwazi moun nan san problem e mesie depite ak senste yo ap vote san

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Marc Gesner says...

le president mr martelly devait faire quelque chose pour le peuple haitien qui souffre depuis pas mal d annee c est lui le chef et changer la constitution de merde qui plonge le pays dans la kao avec les

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