Haitian president Martelly had Surgery

Did you know? President Michel Martelly just had surgery on his left shoulder... Why..

president michel martelly after shoulder surgery

Here's what we know...

President Martelly says the surgical procedure was to relieve pain in the shoulder that had bothered him for many years because of his previous career as a musician.

Ou kwe se vre?

Ou kwe se pa Hillary Clinton ki bay chef deta-a yon lanmen monte?

An Angle, yo rele sa... A mounted handshake... LOL

I'm just kidding OK? Tale mwen we FBI devan pot mwen... The Fetish Bureau of Investigation...

The president is doing on except he says he sometimes feels pain in his right shoulder and may have to operate on that one soon.

Wanna wish your president well?

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All Comments (9)

Chantal says...

I contacted the Carter team and the said they would definitely welcome volunteers and especially Haitian volunteers.

I don't know what you are referring to, Flerette.

Perhaps you have some personal reasons to lash out at people on the blog. Haitians are Helping Haiti helping itself and you are angry.

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Chantal says...

What the hell are you talking about?

I was referring to this person who try to put another down because they wanted to volunteer in Leogane.

Is everybody gone mad?

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Charline says...

Chantal to satisfy your curiosity you must go to a psychiatric hospital for clearance before you could understand what Michel joseph Martelly is doing now in Haiti.

Only the insane and low IQ are incapable to see that this guy is leading Haiti to a

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Chantal says...

I am curious as to why are you attacking someone Haitian who just want to spend time and money contributing to making Haiti moving forward.

Are you out of your mind?

Haiti need all its children to give help. You need to see a psychiatrist

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Bernadette says...

Sendra, I see you all over the blogs and you know very well I know who you are and all your aliases.

Shut the hell up. Grow up. You are 47 years old -- pushing 50 and you are still an immature old rat.What exactly are you teaching those 2 beautiful girls of yours?

I hope they are nothing like you. Nobody from Gressier, Leogane or Jacmel have anything negative to say about me or my relatives.

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Flerette says...

you are a freaking old rat and the most dangerous person on the Haitian blogs and walking around.

People like you have no business mingle in Haitian affairs because you are a criminal that stoop very low to hurt other people.

Carter does not need your voluntary work in Leoganne but if you go there you will have some tough questions to answer to my

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Margalie Cesar says...

hi my honorable president please do us a favor Mister president rebuilt the airport'lever machan, n yo Nan tout lari potoprince.

fe Haitian payer toll, meter chalan anko Haitian macher trop sal. bayo electric pou kinbe yo busy'creyer undercover police, ginyin proper television paw pou eduquer peuple la, fe realize show pou yo kite job sa apou men I, am serious

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Bernadette says...

Well, if he truly had surgery, I wish him a speedy recovery.

But I kept asking myself why did not he have surgery on both shoulders at the same time?

He knows the other shoulder will need surgery...Anyway what was the nature of this mysterious problem with the shoulders?

Mr. Martelly mete kanson fe ou sou rou pou korespon avek problem peyi

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Rems Leveille says...

Wish him well so far he as convince me there is still an Haiti when i left (WELL BROUGHT) TO United state i was giving the impression by family that Haiti is gone i should forget about my sweet mother Haiti now marteliis proving that my heart was right my mother (Haiti) is kicking even better then "ti bebe a" (remember brasil

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