FLASH: Haiti - Shots Fired at President ARISTIDE Motorcade - Yo TIRE sou Cortège ARISTIDE!

PHOTO: Haiti - Former President Aristide escorted by Security
BREAKING NEWS... Shots have been fired at ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide's motorcade Monday. Aristide's Security guard is wounded, according a Pacha Vorbe, a high ranking member of Fanmi Lavalas...

KREYOL: Yo ti re sou cortege ancien president Jean Bertrand Aristide jounen Lundi 20 Mars 2017 la.... Yonn nan agent securite Aristide yo blese, yon patizen misye blese tou dapre nouvel ki rive jwenn nou.

Here is what we know so far according to tweets from Frantz Duval of Le Nouvelliste:

The incident happened in Lalue near Piyay Market.

Ex-president Aristide is unharmed, one of his security guards and a partisan was wounded in the incident...

Traces of blood was spotted on the vehicle ex-president Aristide was in when a judges arrived to draw the incident report.

Stay tuned for more info...

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti - Shots Fired at President ARISTIDE Motorcade - Yo TIRE sou Cortege ARISTIDE! edit

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