Haiti fight against corruption - The United States wants president Jovenel Moise to move from words to action

Haitian president Jovenel Moise has been talking about his fight against corruption for nearly a year. Now the United States wants him to act on it, move from words to action...

PHOTO: President Jovenel Moise - President Donald Trump

Robin Diallo, chargée d'affaires at the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti says while she is very impressed with President Jovenel Moise when he keeps saying that he wants to fight corruption in Haiti. Now she wants to see some action.

"The president of the Republic and his government have said repeatedly that they are determined to fight against corruption in all forms in Haiti. We hope that during the coming year the government will translate these words into actions and put an end to the impunity and corruption that exists in the country so that Haiti can have a better future."

That was her declaration at the Christmas cocktail party at the residence of the US ambassador in Haiti Thursday in the presence Haitian Senate president Youri Latortue and other Haitian officials.

Robin Diallo told Le Nouvelliste "It takes concrete action to have a Haiti without corruption. We must have a program, a vision... lawsuits, judgments... To speak out against corruption is not an end in itself. Action is needed.

Time time for some time for some action!

What do you think about that?

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Haiti Lutte Corruption says...

Haiti lutte contre la corruption: Les Etats-Unis veulent que le président Jovenel Moise passe des paroles à l'action

Le président Jovenel Moise parle de sa lutte contre la corruption depuis près d'un an. Maintenant, les États-Unis veulent qu'il agisse, passer des mots à l'action

Robin Diallo, chargé d'affaires à l'ambassade des États-Unis à Port-au-Prince en Haïti, dit qu'elle est très impressionnée par le président Jovenel Moise quand il ne cesse de dire qu'il veut combattre la corruption en Haïti. Maintenant, elle veut voir l'action.

"Le président de la République et son gouvernement ont répété à plusieurs reprises qu'ils sont déterminés à lutter contre la corruption sous toutes ses formes en Haïti.


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Subject: Haiti fight against corruption - The United States wants president Jovenel Moise to move from words to action edit

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