Haitian opposition wants all "anti-national Senators and Deputes" to resign, manifestation 24 Octobre

PHOTO: Haiti Politique - Krek Koko au Senat de la Repubique
Not only does the Haitian opposition want president Jovenel Moise and his government to be gone, they're also calling for the resignation all of "All anti-national Senators and Deputes."

In the end who will be left to govern this country?

Haiti - Platfom Pitit Desalin proposes its own "Conseil National de Gouvernement" after Jovenel Moise!

The Haitian opposition is calling for a new street protest on October 24 2070. The new protest is aiming for Petionville once again.

The opposition claim they will not stop until their demands are met:

Which demands you ask?

  • A country without a president
  • A country with all senators and deputies out of the picture!

It's perfect! Genius!

What do you think about that?

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Gisou Pa bliye pou ba yo gaz plin deye yo ak gaz
Reply · October 21 at 1:39 AM
Gisou Mouin ta rinmin mande president Jovnel Moise pou li mete Garson sou li pou regle avek vagabond ki Ampeche peyi mâché
Reply · October 21 at 1:35 AM
David Grant I am not too sure as to whom the term anti national senators and deputies referred to, How can persons who where elected by the people to represent... see more
Reply · October 20 at 3:30 PM
F Estiverne Kill Moise jn chwal and all the motherfuckers
Reply · October 20 at 10:27 AM
Haiti News Non seulement l'opposition haitienne veut-elle que le président Jovenel Moise et son gouvernement soient partis, mais ils demandent... see more
Reply · October 20 at 9:07 AM

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Subject: Haitian opposition wants all "anti-national Senators and Deputes" to resign, manifestation 24 Octobre edit

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