Haitian Government Under Fire For Earthquake Tent City Evictions

Earlier this week the mayor of the city of Delmas Haiti, Wilson Jeudy, stormed an earthquake refuge camp and forcefully evicted the residents. Now the Haitian government is under fire... What is President Michel Martelly saying?

Tent City In Front Of Haiti National Palace

Washington is pissed, the displaced residents are screaming abuse and MINUSTAH is "investigating the forced evictions on grounds that they violate international humanitarian law and human rights," The Miami Herald says.

Mayor Wilson Jeudy claims that these tent cities are being used for criminal activities, his justification for the evictions...

What is President Martelly saying about it?

According to the Miami Herald, On Thursday, President Michel Martelly "sought to distance himself from the evictions, saying while he has prioritized the closing of six camps as part of his 100-day plan, evicting people without notice is not part of his strategy. He said he asked Jeudy about the evictions and the mayor said that bandits are using the camps for criminal activity. At a camp that Jeudy first targeted, bandits had opened fire on residents, killing four people, Martelly said."

The rumor amongst Haitians...

There is a rumor in Haiti that there are many people who are living in tents expecting that the government is going to hand them a free house somewhere.

I've even heard families have spread to multiple tents in the hope that they get more freebies.

Not to say this this is the norm, but the fact is, many of the Haiti tent city residents are waiting for a FREE house to be delivered to them.

How do you suggest the Haitian government and local authorities handle this situation?


Is mayor Wilson Jeudy wrong for evicting people out of these tent cities?

Do you believe the mayor acting alone?

Do you really believe that a brand new home will really be handed out for FREE to every Haitian tent city dweller?

How do you think that the Haitian government will move Haiti past this phase of people living in plastic tents expecting something for nothing?

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Richelle says...

True that I agree Americans need to keep their mouth out

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Duel says...

For those americans who open their mouth to say something about the eviction I think they should mind their own busyness, would they tolerate that kind of dirty image on their home land, , everything is a crime in the US, what they want for other countries is not what they want for themselves, they should shut the F....

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Bernadette says...

At Claudette:
Is not it the whole point, that Haiti is moving away from business as usual?

No more lone rangers, because they create political corruption; Haiti will change for the better.

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Marc Museau says...



aS LONG THESE TENTS ARE THERE THE CLEANUP CAN NOT GET STARTED I FEEL THOSE POEPLE THAT ARE IN THE CAPITAL WHO Hve nothing to do should go back in the provinces where they came from empty.

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Garry Destin says...

Of course no home should be for free even for these mothers but affordable.

I believe all underlies and orphans should be placed in a responsible institutions and we here can should be able to support such program.

Imagine millions of us here and elsewhere, it is an easy task.
Of course no healthy man should get

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Richelle says...

Only elders and the kids who lost parents by the earthquake.

Women with kids, were are their kids father, haitian woman like to have kids without knowing who is going to take care of their kids for them. Alternately giving these lazy people free housing, government should build industry to put them to work for themselves to build their own houses.

Haitian metdame trop se yo kipou ta redi vein mouda yo travail bati kay pou kont

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Richelle says...

If they won't leave take them to

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Claudette says...

Yes, send the tent people who do not belong to the capital to their villages to plant their land.
We will have a cleaner city, less people in the street to make a

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Richelle says...

That is true they need to go back to the place they came from. Haitian always think yo ka pase sou moun, I believe none of them never had they own place.

Perhaps they were lived with other, those who really had their houses destroy by seimicity already move on with their lives.

Conceivably start build another house because I know some of the people who their houses destroy are not under the tent and have no diaspora to rely on. Haitian pagin ront trop fe yon capital tounin capital fatra.they don't care whatever they have on hands just throw it any-where:bet mouri, fatra,cotex, you see everything in the street of the capital shame on

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Claudette says...

I do not think you ever live in Haiti.

There is nothing to prove in court, because justice does not exist.

No investigation is possible, because people will not speak the truth.

What they did is what they should do. This is Haiti

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