Haitian General Hérard Abraham attended General Henry Namphy's Funeral in Santo Domingo

Former Haitian army General Hérard Abraham attended the funeral of Lt. General Henry Namphy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Sunday. Both generals are ex-presidents of Haiti.

Lieutenant-Général Hérard Abraham - Forces Armées d'Haiti (FADH)

Lieutenent General Henry NAMPHY, former Haitian army general and ex President of Haiti, was buried Sunday, 01 July 2018, at the Cristo Redentor cemetery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Viewing of the remains of the general ex-president was held Saturday at the Blandino funeral home (Funeraria Blandino), Av. Abraham Lincoln, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

General Henri Namphy laying in his coffin before being buried in the Dominican Republic

Did you know?

General Hérard Abraham was the Minister of Information and Coordination, and after that, Secretary of Interior and national Defense of Haiti when Henry Namphy was president of Haiti.

Herard Abraham, President of Haiti

General Hérard Abraham became the acting President of Haiti on March 10, 1990 after President Prosper Avril into exile following protests in the streets.

General president Abraham gave up power three days later to provisional Haiti President Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, becoming the only military leader in Haiti during the twentieth century to give up power voluntarily.

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