Haitian Election Officials Reverse 14 Of 19 Contested Legislative Seats

After receiving tons or pressure from the International community regarding the 19 legislative races reversed by the CEP giving Preval's INITE party the majority, they have decided to REVERSE the reverse...

Haiti President Michel Martelly Got PROBLEMS!

What is a proper word for something like this?

RE-Reverse? or... "Verse"?

14 of the 19 contested legislative seats have been distributed "among little-known opposition parties," the Associated press says, and 3 seats went to Preval's INITE party.

Regarding these 3 seats, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten says...

"It should not have to be this hard for the Haitian people to have their voice respected, and we continue to stand by those people who feel their votes have been ignored in the three races in question"


What is your opinion about all of this?

Do you think the Haitian Deputes and Senators will actually let go of their personal agendas and work TOGETHER with the new president to make Haiti better?

Reply with your comments

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Joyce says...

Stop bickering like children and grow up and act like adults for the sake of Haiti...and it's people

Go Haiti! Full Speed Ahead! Let's get Haiti back on track and show the World we can do it....KEEP SMILILING THE WORLD NEEDS MORE HAPPY PEOPLE! PEACE, LOVE AND PRAY


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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

12 mai 2012, La Madeleine (France(12 mai 2011

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Ray Wahl says...

After having read Peter Halward's 2007 book, "Damming the Flood, Haiti and the Politics of Containment",I can't ever believe another word from an American government official including Ken Merten.

This doesn't mean there isn't merit behind this reversal, but from all I have read on the latest election is that it was a complete fraud.

I simply can't trust the process.

too bad for

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Phillip Manning says...

I love Haiti and the traditions...

Never been there.

Some of its' leaders look like Americans...

So, that has a lot to say on my comment...

Would love very much to get to Haiti.

[Me and Mrs. Jones], ...

on the radio now...

105.3 f.m.;...

Myrtle Beach...


on the Web..



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Don Camilo says...


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Solidarite Internationale says...

Unfortunetely law makers depute and senators never contributed in the past to the betterness of the poor people in Haiti.What's going to make haitians to believe this time lawmakers will come to their recue?

Perhaps a new president with a bag full of beautiful promises, remember every other haitian presidents have done the same in the past with a different team but with the same old mentality.Pillageurs, government corruptions, gwo ponyet antoure pafwa ak kriminel killers, dwog dealers.

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Subject: Haitian Election Officials Reverse 14 Of 19 Contested Legislative Seats edit

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