Haitian Deputes accused of being the bottlenecks obstructing Haiti's development

Without decentralization, a poor country like Haiti can not develop. It's that simple but with Haitian lawmakers who either don't know or refuse to accept the limits of their power, a decentralized Haiti is far from becoming a reality.

Haiti Senateurs et Deputés en Assemblée Nationale
Haiti Senateurs et Deputés en Assemblée Nationale

Vantbefinfo.com just released an article were they talked with 3 Haitian city mayors from 3 levels of what a city is in Haiti and what they had to say will make you think.

Mayor Wilson Jeudy of Delmas says:

The biggest problem for communities is that Deputes do not know where their power stops

I will not generalize but I can say that 40% of the obstacles encountered in the management of the town halls come from the deputies

Wilson Jeudy - Mayor of the City of Delmas

For Wilson Jeudy, these parliamentarians "are not wise men. They are constantly fighting with the town halls. A Depute thinks he is the mayor because he still believes, especially in provincial towns, that the mayor of the city may replace him in the next election.

In the provinces, it is more attractive to be a deputy than the mayor of the city because the depute, once elected, will rub in power and enjoy all kinds of benefits: car, expenses etc. ; while the mayor will not have these possibilities. So the only cock that sings (sel kòk chante) is the deputy of the city.

Wilson Jeudy went on to say that the much of the money that the central government is dishing out to the Deputes, (lajan fet champet, etc...) are money allocated in the budget to local authorities. "The worst thing, Wison Jeudy said, "is that mayors are held accountable, while the deputes do whatever they want with the money because you can not ask them to be accountable."

You should read the article, it's in French, @ vantbefinfo.com where they also talke to the mayor of Petit Goave and Cornillon, a very poor commune alienated from central government as far as development projects are concerned

What do you think about that?

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Lenois says...

Député yo se majistra, yo se cazèk, yo se azèk, nan ki peyi o monde pou yo wè depite kite travay li pou l ap separe ti mamit diri bay moun?

Se paske yo pa konn ròl yo. kanm wè you mou'n ap pale de chyen sa yo mwen

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Rodrigue says...

Sa misyè di se vre palman tè yo vle tout kòb peyi a nou peye taks antrè tout mouda man yo san fè anyèn se konsa yo

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Tande sa...

Magistra Wilson Jeudy di se Depute yo ki anpeche peyi a devlope.

Yo pa konnen limit pouvwa yo, y ap kokobe majistra yo ki se ajan devlopman peyi a. Sanble se pè depite a pè pou majistra a pa pran plas li lè manda l fini.

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Subject: Haitian Deputes accused of being the bottlenecks obstructing Haiti's development edit

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